M-GO and Roku team up to make procrastination just that much easier

roku partners with m go to beef up its streaming media options movies on edit

Roku boxes just became an even bigger potential time-suck today as the company announced a partnership with a la carte streaming service, M-Go, officially adding its services to all current and past Roku models. The new alliance will provide a simple and intuitive shortcut for Roku users to instantly access M-GO’s collection of new releases, as well as its “catalog classics,” which include previously released movies and TV shows and next-day-air TV content.

Also unveiled today was Roku’s “All New Family of Streaming Players,” which includes the new Roku LT, Roku 1, and Roku 2 devices. All of the new models will include an M-GO button on the remote for one-touch access to the service, and owners of older Roku models will be able to access M-GO via a firmware update starting next month. While exact details are unclear, M-Go also announced that payment for rentals and purchases will be done through “integrated billing with Roku,” to potentially provide a user experience that is as streamlined as possible.

For Roku’s part, the new partnership is just the latest boost to the company’s ever growing stable of streaming options, and another shot fired in the battle for top dog in the set-top box marketplace. On September 12th, Roku also announced a new protocol that allows its devices to stream third party apps directly from your smartphone or tablet (similar to Google’s Chromecast), in addition to the company’s vast collection of native apps. Chromecast and Apple TV, your move.