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Samsung MU6300 unboxing and setup: Get this stylish 4K TV up and running

We’re consistently impressed with Samsung’s TV lineup, and even the company’s entry-level options, like the MU6300 series, are well worth your consideration. If you’ve been won over by its 4K HDR picture and simple design and decide to make one of these TVs your own, this Samsung MU6300 unboxing and setup guide will help you install your new 4K display quickly and easily, and with some extra tips for the best possible setup.

What’s in the box?

  • The MU6300 itself.
  • Quick setup guide.
  • User manual.
  • Samsung One Remote, with batteries included.
  • Breakout cables for install legacy devices.
  • Power cable.
  • Two separate stand pieces.
  • Set of Phillips-head screws.

Several items are not included in with the TV. You will need to buy HDMI cables to connect your TV to other devices. The easiest way to ensure you have HDMI cables is to buy the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI cables at the same time as your TV. If you do not buy the AmazonBasics HDMI cable, make sure that the HDMI cables you do buy are rated as “high speed” cables to accommodate the large amount of data they’ll have to handle for 4K HDR content.

The TV also does not come with wall-mounting equipment. For more information about wall mounting check out our wall-mounting guide video.

Hardware setup

There’s a quick setup guide included in the MU6300’s box to aid in setup, but rest assured the process is extremely simple.

First, assemble the stand. Make sure the lip on the top section inserts properly into the recessed notch on the bottom section. One that’s settled in, secure the pieces with screws.

Carefully set the TV screen-side down on a safe, flat surface. Insert the assembled stand into the slot at the bottom of the TV, and secure with screws. You can now stand the TV up.

Next, let’s plug it in. You’ll find the power cable port on the right-hand side, several inches in from the bottom-right corner. Plug in the power there.

On the other side of the TV is an inset bay housing the three HDMI ports (one with ARC for easy soundbar setups), two USB ports, an Ethernet port, and legacy connections. As noted in the above section, you’ll need your own cables to connect your devices.

An importand thing to note here is that the MU6300 has some serious wobble if you touch it. It’s enough for us to recommend that you secure the TV with a security strap.

Features and design

The MU6300 is a handsome TV. Though not as flashy as some of Samsung’s other models, the MU6300’s steel gray bezel and stand are clean and simple, and should easily blend in with just about any home theater aesthetically.

Software setup

Software setup starts with Wi-Fi if you’re not connected via Ethernet already. You’ll need to provide your Wi-Fi network’s login credentials. After you’re connected to the internet, the TV will automatically detect any connected devices – like gaming consoles, streaming devices, or Blu-ray players – and label them properly. You’ll then be able to control your connected devices with the included Samsung One Remote.

Next, let’s optimize your picture settings. For presets, we recommend the Movie setting. Should that be too dim, try enabling the HDR+ setting. You’ll find it located in the Expert Settings. This will give you an HDR-like effect for non-HDR content, while simultaneously giving you a brilliant picture.

Finally, we recommend switching off the motion smoothing. Under the Auto Motion Plus settings, we recommend setting the Judder Reduction to zero, or switch it off entirely. If you notice your picture is too stuttery, bumping the Judder Reduction back up a couple notches should smooth it out, but we don’t recommend going above 3, otherwise you’ll end up with that distracting soap opera effect.

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