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Sling TV will give you a free Google Nest Hub if you prepay for 3 months

We love a good freebie, especially right around the holidays, when every penny counts. If you’ve been thinking of buying a Google Nest Hub, Sling TV has a pretty sweet offer for you: Sign up and pay for three months of service — even at the lowest cost of $25 per month for the Sling Orange channel lineup — and you’ll get a free Google Nest Hub.

Why the generosity on Sling’s part? On the one hand, there’s nothing like a freebie to drive up your subscriber numbers. We’ve seen AT&T’s DirecTV do it in the past with Apple TV giveaways, and there’s no doubt it works — at least in the short term. If Sling is looking to show an increase in their fourth-quarter subscriber numbers, this is a good way to do it.

However, the freebie serves another purpose. In November, Sling announced that you can watch its service on Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, making it one of the few live TV streaming services that are compatible with these devices. So it follows that (much like with the AT&T promotion) if Sling gives you a device that lets you stream their service, you might be more inclined to stay subscribed even after the mandatory three-month period.

Still, regardless of Sling’s motivations for the offer, it’s a great deal. Not only do you get a Google Nest Hub, but you also gain the ability to control Sling TV with your voice via the Google Assistant. Voice commands such as “Hey, Google, watch HGTV on Sling” or “play,” “pause,” “skip forward 10 seconds,” or “stop.” If you have a Chromecast-enabled TV or streaming device such as a Google Chromecast Ultra or Nvidia Shield TV, you can cast Sling TV to these devices with your voice from the Nest Hub.

The Google Nest Hub giveaway is only for new subscribers and the deal isn’t compatible with Sling’s free-trial periods, so you won’t be getting 30 days free. Still, if you’ve been thinking of cutting the cord, or switching your live TV streaming provider, this is an excellent opportunity to get more for your money.

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