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Soul Electronics’ new earbuds act as your personal running coach

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As earbuds focus less on only being a way to listen to music and more of a handy gadget, we’re seeing plenty of features — especially fitness-focused features — come to them. We’ve seen earbuds that measure your heart rate to make your daily run more productive, but Soul Electronics has gone even further with its new Run Free Pro Bio wireless earbuds, which measure how you’re running to effectively serve as your personal running coach.

These aren’t the first workout-oriented earbuds we’ve seen from Soul Electronics, but they appear to be the most ambitious. Using artificial intelligence-powered gait analysis, the headphones measure your step length and width, cadence, symmetry, balance, and even the tilt angle of your head to give you a great idea of not only how you’re running, but how you could improve your form.

“The Run Free Pro Bio not only provides our customers with superior sound quality, but with a myriad of special features that allows them to improve their running performance” Soul Electronics vice president of engineering Angus Tsang said in a statement. “We wanted to release the world’s first A.I. earphones with gait analysis that makes running more effective for any user, taking into consideration the time of day they choose to run, whether it is outdoors or at a gym and providing them with the best technology possible.”

Soul Electronics claims a playback time of up to 11 hours, meaning you can wear this for your morning run and they will still last you through the better part of a workday. If you prefer to run in the evening, the earbuds feature a reflective cable as well as LED lights to make sure you’re seen. No matter what time you run, the earbuds are sweat-proof and come with multiple ear tips sizes for the perfect fit.

The Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio will be available on August 20 and retail for around $150 but are available at a 20 percent discount price of $120 until September 5. For more information on how to purchase them, see the Soul Electronics website. If you’re not sure these are for you, take a look at our list of the best earbuds you can buy to see how they stack up against the competition.

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