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Super Bowl Deal Alert: Free sound bar included with top-tier Samsung TV purchases

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If you’re making a last minute bid to steal guests from competing Super Bowl parties, Samsung has an intriguing deal for you. For a limited time, in the lead-up to the big game, consumers that purchase a Samsung ES7500 or ES8000 LED TV, will can get a HW-E450 Sound Bar for free.

Both televisions involved in the promotion are full-featured Smart units, and when we reviewed the ES8000, we came away very impressed. That said, price point was probably the biggest difference between it and its little brother (the ES7500), which is also an attractive buy. Both of these TVs would be worthy purchases on their own, but throw in a $350 sound bar just for kicks, and now we’re really talking.

The 2.1-channel HW-E450 Sound Bar features Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and HDMI connectivity options, and is capable of a hefty 280 watts total audio output; more than enough to rattle your walls when the crowd erupts. Pair that with either television mentioned above and you’ve got the beginnings of a respectable home theater system.

Now, if only Samsung could offer your favorite team a ticket to New Orleans. 

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