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Tivoli Audio makes its signature style portable with its new Go collection

Tivoli Audio Andiamo Image used with permission by copyright holder

In April, Tivoli Audio released limited edition spring-themed models of its PAL portable speakers, but since that line had been around for a while, it wasn’t really a new product. Fortunately, we didn’t have long to wait to see something truly new from the company, as not only has it introduced two new models to its stylish ART collection, but it is debuting a new line meant for those who live on the move with its new Go collection.

At least for now, the Go collection consists of two models: a Bluetooth speaker and a set of true wireless earbuds. The Bluetooth speaker is called the Andiamo, which means “let’s go” in Italian. And that looks like exactly what the speaker is ready to do, as it is a compact model capable of up to 20 hours of battery life. The Andiamo comes in either black or silver aluminum, with a premium leather strap.

The other item in the Go collection, the Fonico true wireless earbuds, feature Bluetooth 4.2 and automatic stereo pairing. The Fonico earbuds come with a portable charging case and are capable of up to nine hours of user per charge. They also seem like they’ll hold up to daily use, as they’re IPX7 rated waterproof.

The new additions to the ART collection start with the Model CD player, which uses Wi-Fi to stream to other ART collection wireless speakers like the Model One. The Model CD also features an analog out port to connect to standard A/V receivers, and will be available in walnut, black, or white.

The other new model in the ART collection is the Music System Home, designed after furniture styles of the 1960s. This all-in-one model features a four-channel amplifier, dual 3.5-inch full range drivers, and two 0.75-inch tweeters. It features support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or CD audio playback, and also features Ethernet, line output, and line input jacks. The Music System Home features support for Amazon Alexa, while another model named the Music System Digital features all the features above, but without Wi-Fi or Alexa support. Both models will be available in walnut, white, or black wood.

The Andiamo speaker will begin shipping in June and will sell for $200, while the Fonico earbuds will sell for $130 and will ship in September. The new additions to the ART collection will ship in September, though no prices have been announced for either the Model CD or the Music System Home.

Edited on May 9, 2018: Updated to reflect correct pricing and note that the Music System Digital doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

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