Use Your New iPod with Old Accessories

use your new ipod with old accessories 1If you’ve ever attempted to use your brand new iPhone 3G, iPod touch or nano with an old iPod accessory, you’ve probably figured out that they won’t work properly with all the old docks, speaker systems and other gadgets you’ve accumulated. Scosche gives iPod users a way to save them with the PassPORT Home Dock, announced Monday, which adapts the new models to work with old accessories.

The incompatibility stems from a difference in voltage: Old models charged on 12V (the standard for FireWire) while new models charge on 5V (the standard for USB). The PassPORT just acts as a transformer to change the old voltage to the new voltage, and passes A/V signals through untouched. It works with the iPhone 3G, iPod touch second generation, and the iPod nano fourth generation.

The docking station is available immediately through Scosche and Amazon for $40. It will also begin retailing at Wal-Mart in May.