Vizio makes FandangoNow the latest streaming service to join its SmartCast app

vizio smartcast app updated ui
Vizio uses the SmartCast name in a few places, so it’s easy to get confused, but the SmartCast app is a great idea. It aims to bring various services’ catalogs together in one easy-to-search spot, making it simpler to figure out what to watch. Now the app has gotten even more useful with the addition of FandangoNow to the services supported by the app.

“We’re thrilled to bring FandangoNow to the fingertips of our Vizio SmartCast users,” Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae said in a statement. “The Vizio SmartCast app makes it easier than ever for consumers to control their devices, giving them the ability to search and browse multiple content catalogs at one time before tapping to select content and cast to the display. By integrating FandangoNow into the Vizio SmartCast app, we’re giving consumers another way to further enhance their entertainment experience.”

FandangoNow is closer to Amazon Video and iTunes than it is Netflix or Hulu. There is no monthly fee — instead, users either buy or rent the content. This is not for everyone, but it has the advantage of a far less limited library than subscription streaming services and some people still prefer the digital video store approach.

Unlike the guides offered by some other manufacturers, Vizio’s SmartCast does not require you to be looking at the screen. Both the tablet remotes sold with Vizio TVs and your mobile devices — whether iOS or Android — can navigate the app’s interface, making for an easier pick-up-and-play experience.

FandangoNow offers more than 40,000 movies and TV shows and boasts a base of more than 100 million devices. In addition to high definition programming, FandangoNow features a substantial catalog of content available in both 4K resolution as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR).

“We’re excited to offer FandangoNow and our extensive library of new release movies and next-day TV shows on the cutting-edge Vizio SmartCast app,” FandangoNow chief marketing officer Adam Rockmore said. “We want to offer consumers easy access to the best entertainment options available for streaming and the Vizio SmartCast app greatly streamlines that experience.”

FandangoNow is available for Vizio SmartCast users. For more information, see the Vizio website.

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