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ASAPer smart security system alerts you immediately when every second counts

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When there’s an emergency, you ought to be the first to know. Luckily, smart security system Moni agrees that time is of the essence, and has released a new interactive messaging hub to ensure that you’re not only in the know, but that you know everything immediately. On Monday, the company debuted its new technology dubbed ASAPer for its capacity to alert both Moni customers and their emergency contacts “as soon as possible” when an alarm goes off. It’ll be made available to 1 million residential customers early this year.

While plenty of other systems alert you when something goes off (or goes wrong) at home, ASAPer is unique in its collaborative, interactive messaging hub interface that allows multiple users to connect with one another via text and email to coordinate a response.

“Moni understands that an alarm event can be one of those moments, and every second counts. With ASAPer, we’re not only providing an alert, we’re providing emotional security to our customers, involving them in the alarm response and assuring them of next steps,” said Jeff Gardner, president and CEO of Moni Smart Security. “This collaborative, mobilized approach to communication is unmatched by any other monitored home security solution in the industry. ASAPer allows us to truly be in the moment with our customers.”

ASAPer has already undergone field testing, with customers and emergency contacts receiving instantaneous alerts via their smartphone when an alarm is tripped. Following this initial notification, emergency contacts are given the option of joining a live chat with a single click so everyone involved can discuss a coordinated response. If it turns out to be a false alarm, all emergency contacts can access the Moni central monitoring station to cancel the alarm.

On the other hand, if there’s truly an issue, contacts can confirm the alarm, allowing Moni’s emergency response center to alert first responders. This triage process helps ensure that the appropriate action is taken in any situation, and that the appropriate parties are notified.

So if you’re in need of a new security system, you may want to check out Moni and its new ASAPer technology. After all, there’s no such thing as knowing too much when your safety is at stake.

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