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Get this giant air fryer at a massive discount at Walmart today – save $115


Air fryers are a big hit amongst many cooking enthusiasts for good reason — they make everything taste nicer while often being much healthier than alternative means. Right now, you can buy a family-sized Best Choice Products Air Fryer from Walmart for just $140 saving you $115 on the usual price. With such a big discount on show, this is a great time to hop on the air frying bandwagon and see just how much they can revolutionize your cooking. Need something a little more petite? We’ve got plenty of other great air fryer deals for you to check out.

The Best Choice Products Air Fryer is a great option for family cooking because its capacity is huge. It offers a 16.9 quart capacity which is enough room to fit a whole chicken or turkey, and plenty of other great family meals. A 1,800W motor means it can cook food in the healthiest way possible while also being highly efficient, cutting over 85% of fats compared to conventional cooking methods. An included baking tray also acts as a drip tray so it’ll catch any excess oil, keeping your food safe from any unpleasantness.

With 10 presets available, you can easily set this air fryer to cook everything from meat to baked goods with minimal hassle. An LCD touchscreen display ensures you can easily see what’s going on. While this air fryer didn’t make the cut in our look at the best air fryers, check out our guide to learn more about how the technology works to keep your food crispy yet healthy.

In the case of the Best Choice Products Air Fryer, you also get 12 accessories including wire racks, a skewer rack set, and even a rotating basket so you can effectively cook meat rotisserie style. There’s also a dehydration timer and a sample recipe book to get you started.

Air fryers are a lot of fun to play around with as well as discover new delicious ways of enjoying your favorite foods. The Best Choice Products Air Fryer is ordinarily $255 but with a $115 price cut, it’s down to $140. It’s the ideal way to start the new year with some great new styles of cooking.

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