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What can your koozie do? A cold drink is just the start

It’s time to stop underestimating the common koozie. While the primary function of the beer sleeve, bottle jacket, or “candom” is to keep your drink cold on hot summer days, these insulated beverage holders are capable of so much more. The four products below are the perfect case in point.

BottleKeeper ($30)


Take the BottleKeeper. While this koozie certainly serves its primary function thanks to an insulating layer of neoprene, the BottleKeeper is also designed to protect your beer from the harsh conditions of outdoor drinking. The company doesn’t provide any specs concerning the Keeper’s ability to survive drops and spills, but it does claim that the bottle holder can withstand some serious impacts. If a bottle does happen to break as the result of a summer faux pas, however, it’s likely that much of the glass will be contained within koozie and not strewn about near your sandal-clad feet. The BottleKeeper also comes in a various sizes to accommodate 12-ounce bottles, stubby 12-ounce bottles, and various bomber bottles.

Corkcicle Chillsner ($19)

Corkcicle Chillsner
The Chillsner from Corkcicle may not fit our narrow definition of a koozie, but this product promises to keep your drink cool until the very last sip. The frigid device works from the inside out and uses a stainless-steel rod filled with a thermal gel to keep your beverage cold. You need to keep the Chillsner in the freezer for about 45 minutes before, though, before you insert into a beer bottle of your choice.

Koolernaut ($15)


You don’t need to check the color of the Rockies anymore to ensure you’re beer is nice and cold. Not only can the Koolernaut keep your beverage cold, this Kickstarter-launched koozie can tell you just how cold your beverage is. With an automatic-off feature and a battery that promises 6,000 hours of functionality, the stainless-steel thermometer should give you a summer’s worth of beverage temperature statistics. The Koolernaut also comes with two ice pucks that fit on the bottom of the koozie to ensure your beverage stays well within the drinkable range.

Corkcicle Arctican ($30)

Corkcicle Arctican

If there’s such thing as a premium koozie, the Arctican is it. With two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel and a twist-on cooling core filled with a proprietary freezing gel, Corkcicle claims that the Arctican can keep your beverages cold three times longer than your average koozie. The sleek slip was designed for 12-ounce cans, but bottle drinkers can still use the product thanks to a provided felt sleeve.

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