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The best robot vacuums of CES 2020: Lucy, Narwal T10, RoboVac G30 Edge, and more

This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020, including tech and gadgets from the showroom floor.

CES 2020 had some interesting robot vacs debut this year. There have been bots that clean themselves, prevent their filters from clogging, and even bots that double as roving security cameras. Here are the smart vacuum cleaners that we’ve liked so far.

The products in this article were selected by our editors as standouts in the robot vacuums category at CES 2020. Check out our Top Tech of CES Awards, which award our favorite products in over ten categories, to see all the hottest gear.
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CES 2020


Lucy vacuum robot top

Trifo’s Lucy is hands down our favorite smart robot vacuum cleaner of this year’s show. While it has strong suction and includes proprietary 3D geometry and 3D semantics algorithms that prevents it from sucking up or running into things it shouldn’t, what really impressed us was its security feature. The bot can roam your home and double as a smart security camera. There’s no word just yet on when Lucy will be available for purchase.

RoboVac G30 Edge

RoboVac G30 Edge by EufyThe RoboVac G30 Edge by Eufy is a boost from its predecessor. It has Smart Dynamic Navigation, an Optical Flow sensor to help it clean efficiently and 2000Pa suction. It can be controlled with the Eufy app or Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. What really is impressive, though, is that the battery is said to last up to 100 minutes. The RoboVac G30 Edge will be available in March for $400.

Narwal T10

Narwal T10 self cleaning robot vac

We loved this little cleaning robot because it can clean itself, unlike others in its category. It has a wash tank that it saddles up to when it’s done cleaning your floors. It not only cleans itself, it dries itself, too, so you don’t need to worry about mold growth. Plus, the Narwal vacuums and mops. The dirty water is stored separately from the fresh inside of the bot, so your floor gets a good mopping each time. Right now, Narwal T10 has a Kickstarter campaign and pledges start at $549.


The ILIFE A10 is another vacuuming and mopping robot, but with a twist. It has laser navigation to better navigate a room. When it’s being used as a mop, it can detect and avoid carpet to prevent any wet rug scenarios. The ILIFE A10 is expected to launch in the first half of 2020. There’s no word as of yet on how much it will cost.

ILIFE 9A with app

The most impressive thing about the new V9 is its suction. It packs a whopping 4000pa suction power (most robot vacs have 1500pa to 3000pa). That means it won’t miss a crumb. The V9 also uses centrifugal force to prevent the filter from clogging, which seems like a feature that’s been desperately needed all along. You can buy the V9 now on Amazon for $250.

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