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The best smart garage door openers

If you’ve ever had to turn around and drive home to double-check that you closed your garage door, then it might be time to invest in a smart garage door opener. These devices let you open and close your garage door from the convenience of your smartphone, and many also have cameras, so you can see what’s happening while you’re away.

So you no longer need to store a garage door opener on your sun visor, nor do you need to be parked right in front of the garage to control your garage door. Here are the best smart garage door openers for 2020.

Asante GarageViewer

Asante adds a major security boost to its garage opener with a security cam that you can use to live stream HD video for up to two garage doors. It comes with infrared technology for nighttime viewing and unlimited cloud storage for saving video.

If you pair it with an Asante sensor, you can use Alexa to control the Asante GarageViewer, and the settings even allow musical light shows for the holidays. However, note that unlike many security cams, there’s no cloud storage option, only a built-in memory card — which is totally free to use, but does fill up over time.

ismartgate Lite

This ismartgate device is designed for versatility. It can work with garage doors made all the way back in 1993 (with some limitations based on certain brand technologies), and is compatible with a broad array of smart platforms, including Apple Home Kit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT.

You can also easily connect the ismartgate Lite to an existing smart cam to record video in the garage and store up to 1GB of video footage locally if necessary. Thanks to all the support, you can create detailed alerts and commands, including automatic closing or opening based on the temperature.

Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

The MyQ garage opener has been a popular choice for several years, and newer versions have only improved on the design, offering a compatible mainstream option for outfitting your current garage with smart technology.

There are three core abilities MyQ offers through its apps and devices: Opening the door, closing the door (no matter where you are), and creating customized alerts on the status of the garage door — whether it was left open, opened unexpectedly, and so on. This gives you the ability to schedule a garage door to close at a specific time during the day to make sure it’s safely down no matter what.

You can also connect the Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 to Google Assistant or IFTTT, but this requires a small $1 monthly fee. Fortunately, most homeowners should be able to install this model themselves, so there’s probably not going to be an installation fee.

GoControl GD00Z-4

GoControl:Linear GD00Z-4

The GoControl/Linear is a unique model that uses the Z-wave wireless communication standard. Z-wave is a bit older than the more common Wi-Fi connection, but it also offers the benefit of creating a separate (and usually more dependable) connection apart from your network.

If your wireless network is already crowded or doesn’t offer a very high-quality connection out in the garage, the GoControl GD00Z-4 may be a better choice for your home. It may also be a good pick if you already have Z-wave devices and want an opener that is compatible with the same frequency.



If you’re searching for a simpler, more affordable smart garage door opener, give the GarageMate a try. It doesn’t have many extra features, and the design is nothing to write home about, but it is cost-effective and very easy to install.

The opener relies on Bluetooth instead of a Wi-Fi connection, which limits its app capabilities, but makes for a more durable and reliable opener that can function even outside the range of your wireless network. It’s also worth noting that the GarageMate has Siri compatibility if you prefer using it to one of the other voice assistants (both iOS and Android are supported, however).

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