Cut down on winter heating costs with a Big Ass Fan

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Got high ceilings and tired of all your warm, cozy, air escaping up to the space you don’t inhabit? You need a Big Ass Fan.

Heat rises, and couches generally don’t come on stilts, so if you want to keep warm this winter without losing a fortune to heating costs, it’s probably a wise decision to invest in a ceiling fan or two to help blast some of that warm air down to where you actually need it. But why spring for multiple small fans when you can install one big one to provide the same amount of airflow?

That’s the idea behind Big Ass Fans. Designed to be ultra effective and energy efficient, these fans boast wingspans of up to 6.5 feet so they can move more air in a single rotation. And they’re not sporting your typical fanblades either. Drawing inspiration from the aerospace industry, Big Ass Fans incorporate a patented airfoil and winglet design that optimizes airflow and decreases drag. This aerodynamic design not only reduces the amount of power needed to move the fan, but also improves the velocity at which air is blown downward. 

haiku fanBut in all fairness, this focus on high efficiency comes at the expense of aesthetics. Most of Big Ass Fans’ products tend to look like they were stolen from the tops of military rescue choppers. But the company recognizes that design matters to consumers, so they’ve recently begun producing fans that are a bit easier on the eyes.

The Haiku (pictured right) boasts similar levels of efficiency and air movement, but with a smaller footprint and more elegant look. The fan’s patent-pending thin-sheet airfoils feature a sleek, aerodynamic profile that lends itself to smooth, silent airflow at all speeds. According to Big Ass Fans, it’s the quietest fan in the world.

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