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Stop handing out your keys to strangers — use the Danapad from Danalock instead

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You may not trust everyone with your house keys, but at the very least, you can trust them with a keycode. Thanks to the new Danapad keypad from Danalock, homeowners and business owners alike will be able to manage secure access to their residences or offices without worrying about handing out keys left and right.

The easy-to-install, wireless, smart access keypad is managed via the Danalock app, which enables owners to provide permanent, recurring, or one-time access to guests via a simple code. Those granted the privilege of entering your home or business won’t need a key or a phone, but will need only to enter their four to 10-digit PIN into the keypad, which connects to the Danalock V3 smart lock via Bluetooth. If the PIN is verified, the door will be unlocked — otherwise, would-be intruders are kept out in the cold.

Anytime someone enters or exits a Danapad-installed door, the companion app messages the homeowner or business manager, letting them know of any traffic. This can assure parents that their children are safely home from school, or business owners that their contractor has finished a job for the day.

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Promising an elegant Danish-inspired design and diminutive size (it measures just 1.4 x 3.2 inches), the Danapad is said to work out of the box. You won’t need to permanently alter your door or entry area, and you shouldn’t need a locksmith to help with the installation process either (though you will have to install the Danalock V3 smart lock in order to get the whole system working). Moreover, Danapad is designed for all weather conditions, and claims to be able to withstand hot and cold climates alike, as well as the effects of salt, fog, and rain.

As for the Danalock V3 Smart Lock, this small security device is said to be the only smart lock currently available with AES-256 security encryption. Similarly small (with a diameter of just 2.4 inches), this smart lock is globally compatible with almost all doors and types of lock. In fact, Danalock includes country-specific adapters to ensure installation within 10 minutes out of the box in all countries.

Danapad starts at $99 and will begin shipping at the end of the first quarter of 2018. The companion Danalock V3 smart lock retails for $149. Both can be purchased either on the Danalock website or through

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