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Deezer is now available on your Google Home if you’re in the U.K.

It’s been just over a month since Amazon announced that its Echo devices would provide full support for music streaming service Deezer, and now, Google is making sure that its smart speakers aren’t left in the dust. If you have a Google Home device, say hello to the latest functionality with Google Assistant — the ability to control your Deezer music with your voice.

The new integration is essentially identical to the one that Deezer struck with Amazon Alexa and her associated devices. Only premium subscribers of the music streaming service will actually be able to take advantage of this capability, so if you’re not a Premium+ member of Deezer, you won’t be able to link your account to your Google Home. Oh, and there is another caveat — you have to be in the U.K., too. That said, if you do care enough about your music to pay for the privilege of listening and are living in the United Kingdom, then that privilege is now a lot easier to access.

Customers will now be able to hear more than 53 million tracks simply by talking to Assistant on their Google Home. Plus, the smart assistant will recognize 18 different moods and 74 genres should you wish to find new tunes, or sort through your music based on certain categorizations.

There is also the ability to use Deezer’s Flow function, which much like Pandora or Spotify, creates a personalized playlist based on your own musical preferences.

“We are excited to expand our availability on Google Home in the U.K., a key market for voice devices,” Riad Hawa, Deezer’s vice president of hardware partnerships, said in a statement. “Consumers should expect a great lean-back experience from Deezer with the dozens of mood and genre-based voice commands, that have already demonstrated strong engagement levels in other regions. Combining smart technology to match the lifestyle needs of our users through Deezer Flow, it’s never been easier to listen to all your favorite tracks and discover new music.”

Deezer provided more information about the new integration, as well as tips and tricks for how to set up the service with your Google home on its dedicated website.

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