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If there’s a lifeblood of the American (and perhaps even global) economy, it’s probably coffee. After all, why else would we need what sometimes feels like one coffee shop for every person in the country? And now, to feed our undying adoration for this drinkable black gold, a new startup is promising to bring households and other companies truly custom coffee. It’s called, and it’s branded as the world’s first digital, 100-percent custom roastery.

Not enough demand, you say? Doers has already proven that to be patently false, having surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $10,000 with 22 days left in their campaign. In just a few short weeks, 142 jittery backers have raised $11,105, and the team looks to be on track to collect a lot more for its intersection of tech and coffee.

Doers differentiates itself from other coffee retailers by giving you, the consumer, full control over the entire process. You may not personally travel to Colombia, Brazil, or any of the six countries from which Doers’ beans are sourced, but you’ll come about as close as possible to doing so. To get started, you choose from a wide selection of beans, or mix and match to create a unique blend of flavors. Then, choose your grind setting, and for further control, pick out your roast’s intensity, heat levels, and duration. “Never before has there been an opportunity to take control of the roasting process from start to finish,” Doers says, and it looks like this just may be true.

Better still, not only do you have full creative license when it comes to your coffee’s taste, you can also choose how to receive it — prefer a pod? No problem. More of a capsule guy or gal? That’s fine too.

The San Francisco-based firm has spent the last six months working on their fully customizable product, and now, they’re confident that they’ll be ready to ship in April. So if you want to jump on this bandwagon early, you can support on Kickstarter with a $15 pledge that will get you a 12 oz. whole bean coffee of your choice or 20 Nespresso Original Line Machine-compatible capsules of any flavor. Feel free to get excited, and more importantly –caffeinated.

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