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Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni review: impressive cleaning, almost automated

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni docked.
Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni review: impressive cleaning, almost automated
MSRP $1,200.00
“The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is a powerful robot vacuum that's held back by its lack of automation.”
  • Versatile docking station
  • Incredible vacuuming performance
  • Easy setup
  • Must remove mopheads to clean carpet

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni gets a lot of things right. It offers a sleek design, incredible vacuuming performance, and the option to add mopheads to tackle hardwood floors or tiles. It’s all powered by a versatile app that lets you schedule cleanings or perform custom tasks. There’s little you’ll want to do that can’t be handled by the Deebot T10 Omni.

However, this $1.200 product isn’t fully automated — which means you’ll be getting your hands dirty more often than you’d expect as an owner of a high-end robot vacuum. For some, that might not be a big deal. And considering the Deebot T10 Omni cleans better than the vast majority of robot vacuums on the market, you might be willing to look past that omission and bring it into your home.

It’s not perfect, but the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is a reliable robot vacuum that deserves a closer look.

Powered by a powerful app

ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 OMNI with mobile app controls

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is largely powered by its smartphone app. This is where you’ll be able to initially map your home, set a schedule for cleanings, and adjust various settings that impact how your Deebot cleans (including vacuum power and whether you’d like to enable a useful “corner-cleaning” mode).

You can also use a built-in voice assistant, YIKO, to give your robot a variety of voice commands. This works surprisingly well, although after setting up a cleaning schedule with the smartphone app, there’s really no need to use any voice controls.

Some homeowners might like the added convenience of using voice commands to get a quick, unscheduled cleaning in — but it largely went unused during my time with the Deebot T10 Omni.

The smartphone app is just as easy to use as voice commands — and it offers heaps of additional functionality, turning Deebot’s voice commands into a gimmicky feature that didn’t bring much to the table. It’s a nice addition, but most users wouldn’t notice if it was removed.

Vacuuming is second to none

The Deebot T10 Omni cleaning on carpet.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A robot vacuum is only as good as its cleaning prowess, and the Deebot T10 Omni doesn’t disappoint. With a staggering 5,000 Pa of suction, the Deebot T10 Omni does an incredible job of siphoning out every bit of debris stuck in your carpet. It also leaves behind a satisfying pattern as it navigates across your floors, which both looks great and serves as a visual confirmation that it hit every inch of your home.

Navigation skills are top of the line, as there wasn’t a single time I had to save the robot vacuum from getting stuck on an obstacle.

Four different power levels are available while vacuuming (Quiet, Standard, Max, and Max+), and you can even have the robot clean either once or twice if you have extra dirty floors. You’ll also appreciate the Corner Deep Cleaning option, which can be enabled to perform extra cleanings in the nooks and crannies of your home to suck up anything that’s been pushed into seemingly unreachable places. It works surprisingly well.

Best of all, the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni docking station includes a dustbin reservoir that can hold up to 75 days’ worth of debris. That’s more than most other docks available today, making it a great option for hands-free vacuuming that will let you go months without having to swap out its replaceable bag.

Navigation skills are also top of the line, as there wasn’t a single time I had to save the robot vacuum from getting stuck on an obstacle or fear that it would lose track of its location. So if you have children or animals that like to leave toys around the house, you don’t have to worry about anything derailing your cleaning plans.

Not quite hands-free

The underside of the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni, showing off its roller brush and mopheads.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Deebot T10 Omni mops just as well as it vacuums. With three adjustable water levels and two massive spinning mopheads, this little robot does an impressive job of cleaning up spills and removing old stains. When it’s docked, you’ll also benefit from a system that both rinses and dries the mopheads to ensure you don’t get that pesky smell of mildew.

However, mopping and vacuuming on a single run isn’t as automated as you’d expect.

To initiate mopping mode, you’ll need to manually install the mopheads. Then, if you want the Deebot T10 Omni to roll onto carpet and vacuum, you’ll need to flip it over and uninstall them. This isn’t a big issue if your home largely consists of hardwood or tile, but since my home is a mixture of the two, it’s become a bit of a hassle.

If you’re picking this product up, consider using it as just a mop or just a vacuum, as both work incredibly well on their own.

It’s also worth noting that if you place the Deebot docking station on carpet, you’ll run into even more trouble while mopping, as it won’t be able to return to the dock on its own (since it avoids carpet when its mopheads are installed). That means you’ll have to pick it up and manually place it near the dock to finish the process.

This won’t be an issue for all homes, but it’s definitely a sticking point if your floors are a mishmash of carpet, tile, and hardwood. And when you’re spending over $1,000 on a robot vacuum, the last thing you want to do is babysit it.


The Deebot T10 Omni maneuvering under a piece of furniture.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is a powerful robot vacuum that’s not quite as automated as you’d expect. There’s no doubt it excels at both vacuuming and mopping, but trying to carry out the two tasks simultaneously is an effort in futility. If you’re picking this product up, consider using it as just a mop or just a vacuum, as both work incredibly well on their own.

If you want something in a similar price range that can mop and vacuum without manual intervention, then you might want to consider the Roomba Combo j7+. It costs $1,100 and features a mophead that lifts out of the way when traveling on carpet. It doesn’t, however, offer the same mop-cleaning features as the Deebot T10 Omni.

The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is a solid robot vacuum, but it’s not quite as automated as its competitors.

Then there’s the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, which mops, vacuums, rinses, and dries mopheads without any manual intervention. It’s a bit more expensive at $1,600 than the Deebot T10 Omni — but if you’re looking to spend over $1,000 on a vacuum, a few extra bucks shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

At the end of the day, the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni is a solid robot vacuum. It’s frustrating that it’s not quite as hands-free as some competitors, but its incredible cleaning skills make it a strong contender for certain homes. And if you can snag it while it’s on sale, it’s an even more enticing option.

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