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The eMeals vegan meal kit uses your local grocery stores for ingredients

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Going vegan might be easy on the planet, but it’s not always easy on you. From the high cost of vegan products to the hidden animal-based additives in just about every food, it can be hard to make the switch to true veganism. Luckily, you don’t have to brave the food landscape on your own. eMeals has now introduced a new vegan meal kit that promises to deliver more vegan choices at half the cost of traditional meal kits.

Promising an average cost of just $3.50 a serving, eMeals’ new vegan kits aren’t exactly what you’re accustomed to. Aside from the obvious absence of meat, dairy, and anything else derived from an animal, an eMeal meal kit doesn’t send a bunch of prepackaged ingredients to your door. Instead, it relies on grocery stores (either of the physical or digital variety) to provide the ingredients. With an eMeals subscription, you’ll get creative, plant-based, animal-free dinner menus that rotate on a weekly basis; each of these menus comes with an automatically generated grocery list that you can either use to self-shop or send to AmazonFresh, Walmart Grocery, Kroger ClickList, or Instacart for either curbside pickup or home delivery.

That means that you’ll cut down on the cost of your meal kit, and also help save the planet by eliminating wasteful bagging, boxing, and mailing of portion-sized ingredients — in other words, all the things demanded by most other meal kit options. Of course, the drawback is that it’s not quite as convenient. After all, you’ll still have to do your own shopping, as with eMeals, you’re really only receiving the recipe. All the same, it could be a good option for folks who want to support their local grocers while taking advantage of innovative recipes.

Initial menus for the vegan meal kit include a one-dish ratatouille with white beans and polenta, a fast portobello mushroom burger with paprika mayo, slow-cooker three-bean veggie chili, and a vegetable-packed “meat loaf” with cremini mushrooms, peas, roasted peppers, an walnuts.

“One of the challenges of going vegan is varying your meals so you’re getting balanced, nutritionally complete meals and aren’t eating brown rice with tofu and vegetables every night,” said eMeals VP of Content Scott Jones. “With seven new recipes every week, the eMeals vegan plan provides variety and inspiration that help avoid the same-old dinner boredom. It’s like having a personal chef who helps you maintain your commitment to a vegan diet by continually surprising you with new and interesting dishes.”

The cheapest eMeals vegan Meal Plan subscription begins at $5 a month, but you can get sample menus and a free 14-day trial by visiting the eMeals website.

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