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EufyCam 2 Review: Great night sight and a year-long battery

eufyCam 2 at night
EufyCam 2 Review: Great night sight and a year-long battery
MSRP $350.00
“The EufyCam 2 ditches subscriptions but maintains excellent video quality.”
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery can last up to a year
  • Clear night vision
  • Wireless installation
  • Slight video delay
  • Some video distortion

The by Anker is a smart wireless security camera that works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Homekit. It has a 100DB intruder siren, long-lasting battery, stunning video quality, and can detect human movement. It compares well to other big players in the security camera market, but does have a few drawbacks.

Installation couldn’t be simpler

I am not the one to climb a ladder to connect wires to a security camera, and I hate hiring people to install things. Nobody has time for that. Luckily, the EufyCam 2 is wireless. Also, the battery lasts a whopping 365 days, so there’s no need to fuss with the cameras after they are installed for an entire year. When it does need power, the batteries are rechargeable.

eufyCam 2 and hub
Alina Bradford/Digital Trends

Setting up the EufyCam 2 does take more time than other wireless security cameras, because it has a hub you need to set up before you even get to the cameras. Thankfully, the process is simple, and the Eufy Security app (a separate app than what is used by the other Anker Eufy smart home products) guides you through each step.

Free, free, free

Other cameras, like the Arlo Pro 3 and the Ring Stick Up Cam, charge for premium services, or to store your videos in the cloud. That’s a major annoyance. Paying monthly is a burden that significantly increases overall cost of ownership. The last thing you need is another subscription.

I think the people at Anker heard our cry for relief. There’s no fee for video storage, or anything else.  That’s because everything is stored in the Eufy Hub. The hub has 16GB of storage, enough to hold up to 3 months of videos.

Video quality

eufyCam 2 video
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The eufyCam 2 gets two huge thumbs up when it comes to video quality. It has stunning video that is super clear. In fact, the video is much clearer than what I saw from the Ring Stick Up Camera, though they both have 1080p HD cameras.

There is a little distortion, however, which you don’t normally see with high-end cameras like Arlo Pro 3 and Ring. While distracting, I noticed that when the camera sees a person, the video enhances so that the face is amazingly clear.

That’s by design. Anker programmed the camera’s detection algorithm to recognize people. When a person is detected, the AI enhances video quality around the person’s face in an effort to make the image as clear as possible.

The camera’s night vision is the clearest and crispest I’ve seen.

Even better, the camera’s night vision is the clearest and crispest I’ve seen on a security camera. Usually, night videos are pixelated with most cameras. The EufyCam 2 has sharp night time recording that makes it easier to identify who’s lurking on your porch or in your yard.

The Eufy website states that the video is real time, but I would beg to differ. I noticed that there was at least a couple of seconds lag between when something happens and when it shows up on the live feed on the app. Now, a few seconds may not seem like much, but in an emergency situation a few seconds may mean a lot.

Our take

It’s hard to wow me when it comes to security cameras, but I was genuinely impressed with the EufyCam 2. It has great video, it’s compatible with a variety of smart home assistants, it is easy to install, the battery lasts an amazingly long time, and the batteries are rechargeable. For me, those pluses outweigh the small video delay and the slight fish eye distortion.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, and no. Other cameras, like the Ring Stick Up Camera and Arlo Pro 3, don’t have same video distortion, but the EufyCam 2 has better clarity, especially at night. When it comes to price, at $350, this camera costs more than most wireless cameras of its caliber, though it is more affordable than the Arlo Pro 3. It’s worth noting that the price includes two EufyCam 2 cameras and the hub, with additional cameras priced at $150 each.

How long will it last?

The EufyCam feels sturdy. It will definitely stand up to the weather and nosey birds. It also comes with a limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, no matter why you want to return it.

Should you buy it?

Yes. Its excellent night vision alone would be a reason to buy it.

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