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Lookout Smart Door turns an old-school peephole into a modern security system

LOOKOUT CES 2018 with Honoree Badge
Home security cameras can alert you to who’s at the front door while you stay firmly put on the couch. Now, the new EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door uses an existing old-school peephole to turn a typical door into one that goes as far as to announce who’s on the other side. The Lookout was announced alongside the ezGuard camera during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

The Lookout is a small camera that’s installed with a cable through the peephole. An integrated touchscreen display with a cradle for installation on the inside of the door offers convenient access to the video feed, while the EZVIZ app allows users to see who’s at the door from anywhere. The camera includes both standard high-definition video for daytime viewing and an infrared mode for at night.

Besides seeing who’s at the door, the camera also integrates with personal assistants like Amazon Alexa, as well as the manufacturer’s other security options. With a built-in microphone, loudspeaker, and chime, the system also doubles as a smart doorbell. Inside the app, adding photos of frequent visitors will enable the system’s facial recognition system to provide specific alerts.

The company also announced the ezGuard, an indoor/outdoor security system that adds a smart siren and warning strobe to an HD security camera. Equipped with motion detection, the camera can send alerts to a smart device, while the built-in siren and light can scare off an intruder.

The system also integrates microphones and speakers for communicating with delivery staff. Outdoors, a casing allows for installation on a porch, garage or gate, with dual antennas to help pick up that Wi-Fi signal all the way from the house.

“EZVIZ brings our customers peace of mind through our intelligent, intuitive, and integrable products like the Lookout Smart Door Viewer and the ezGuard because they help them see, capture, share, and protect what’s most valuable to them,” Albert Lin, general manager of EZVIZ, said in a press release.

The EZVIZ Lookout Smart Door is expected to list for about $230, with the ezGuard listing for about $110. Both are expected to begin shipping within the first three months of the year from Amazon and the manufacturer’s website.

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