This security system tricks burglars into thinking someone’s home washing dishes

flare is a voice activated home security system buddyguard
You don’t have to live in a rough neighborhood to justify owning a home security system, especially when it’s incredibly efficient. This is what BuddyGuard hopes to prove with its new device, Flare.

The independent home security system is designed to provide you with all of the protection you need in one device. Flare looks more like a mini smoke alarm, and it has a lot of features packed into its small footprint.

Flare is a self-managing device, meaning you don’t need to set a unique passcode to protect your property. It has Wi-Fi capability and detects when you leave the premises. Upon your departure, Flare turns on its temperature sensor and motion detector, which keeps an eye on any movement with infrared. If it detects a burglar on the premises, its speaker will emit noises, like talking or the sound of someone washing dishes, to trick the robber into thinking someone’s home. If that deterrent doesn’t work, it will sound an alarm and alert your contacts.

So you don’t feel like someone’s watching all the time, the device goes into standby mode when you’re home. Flare has facial and voice recognition features, so it will recognize you, even if you don’t have your phone. It’s also pet friendly, meaning it can detect shapes and motions related to animals; Fido won’t be accidentally setting off an alarm any time soon.

You can also schedule Flare to suit your needs. If you plan on going away for a few days or simply want the device to stay on, you have the option. For additional convenience, BuddyGuard has integrated IFTTT to enhance the functionality of Flare. This means that you can program your Flare to take action according to other apps and devices around your house. The product lasts up to three weeks on battery power before needing to be charged with a micro USB cable.

With a $229 pledge on the Flare’s Kickstarter campaign page, you can have one of these items delivered to you by December 2015. Until it arrives, you’ll just have to make your own recording of a swinging party to deter burglars, Home Alone style.

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