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Jasco launches GE smart home security sensors and in-wall switch

Jasco has announced a new line of General Electric (GE) home security sensors and smart a switch. It’s the latest collection of smart home devices to be released by the company.

GE Z-Wave Plus Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor

This smart door sensor is designed to help you trigger scenes and tasks around your home just by opening or closing the door. For example, you can create schedules in the mobile app that allow your lights to automatically turn on when you enter and turn off when you leave. You can also select to be notified of any activity at the front door when you’re not at home, which could help you feel more at ease about your home security.

Installation is straightforward and utilizes the door’s existing hinge and pin, so you won’t need to worry about drilling any holes, and it’s designed to blend in seamlessly with the door frame to avoid adding a loud visual distraction to your interior design. You can also choose to get a color-matching kit that will help make the sensor even more discreet.

GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch

This in-wall smart switch gives you wireless control over your home’s lighting system. You can schedule a timed event, such as having the lights automatically turn off at a certain time every day. Even if you’re not at home, you can remotely create a custom scene — for example, using your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can instruct the lights to remain on for a few hours every day when you’re out of town, to make it look like someone is at home.

According to GE, the smart switch can help users lower their electricity bills, as they can help ensure people don’t forget to turn off the lights when they leave the house. Since the smart switch is an in-wall unit, installation with hardwired connections will be required before users can start enjoying the full benefits of the device.

GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor

GE designed this smart motion sensor to help you keep tabs on things at home, even when you’re not at home. The sensor can wirelessly trigger scenes and automatically send alerts to your tablet or smartphone when it detects suspicious motion. The detection range goes up to 180 degrees and up to 45 feet, and you can select among three detection sensitivity levels: low, medium, and high. Aesthetically, the design is discreet enough to blend into your existing space, whether it’s on a shelf or mounted to the wall. The sensor can be powered either via batteries for a cordless setup, or via USB so users don’t have to worry about replacing dead batteries. For the USB-powered setup, users will have to use a micro USB cable and an AC power source.

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