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HelloFresh free trial: Can you get your first box for free?

20 minute meals
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The best slow cookers and the best pressure cookers can offer convenient cooking options — many of which you can set and forget — but it still takes a lot of work and time to prepare a meal.

As an alternative, a meal delivery service is something to consider. One of the best meal delivery services out there is HelloFresh, but you their service can seem like a big investment if you’ve never used it before. That may make you wonder if there’s a HelloFresh free trial to take advantage of. Unfortunately, HelloFresh doesn’t offer a free trial, but there are ways to significantly discount your HelloFresh bills.

Is there a HelloFresh free trial?

There isn’t a HelloFresh free trial, but HelloFresh does offer a major discount across your first seven weeks of meals. HelloFresh measures its meal offerings in boxes, which consist of four meals for two people per week, or eight total servings. And while HelloFresh doesn’t offer an outright free trial, what it does offer is 16 free meals spread out across your first seven boxes. This significantly decreases the cost of your first seven boxes. It’s also a good way to test out the HelloFresh service at the minimal cost you’ll be able to achieve and without having to commit to the service for too long without fully knowing whether you like the meals or even if you like utilizing a meal delivery service.

HelloFresh is known for its well-balanced and flexible meal options, which is part of what makes the idea of at least trying out HelloFresh enticing. Meal plans include preferences for Meat and Veggie (or just Veggie), Family Friendly, Fit and Wholesome, Quick and Easy, and even Pescatarian, so there are options for almost every kind of diet and lifestyle.

Can you get HelloFresh for free?

You can’t get a full HelloFresh meal plan for free, but as previously mentioned, you can get 16 free meals spread across your first seven boxes. This offering also includes three surprise gifts, so you are getting quite a bit for free in addition to what you’re initially paying for. Delivery is also free as part of the HelloFresh meal service. To get a better idea of whether HelloFresh is the right meal delivery service to throw a little money at, you can check out our HelloFresh vs. Blue Apron comparison.

Are there any HelloFresh deals?

Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron
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HelloFresh does offer frequent discounts, with discount codes on meal plans currently available. Today you can get 60% off your first box with HelloFresh and 25% off the next two months of meals. With no HelloFresh free trial available, this offer is a really good way to test out the service for a full three months without having to make the regular full financial commitment. This savings is a great way to get going with the HelloFresh meal delivery service and to explore its full offerings of meals for a few months while you decide if it’s the right long-term solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to cancel HelloFresh after free box?

It is relatively easy to cancel HelloFresh after your first box arrives, you just have to make sure you do so at least 4 days prior to your next order to avoid getting charged. To cancel HelloFresh, do the following:

  1. Log into your HelloFresh account. 
  2. Click on your name, then select Account Settings.
  3. Navigate down on the Plan settings page and select Cancel Plan under the Status section. 
  4. Follow the cancellation prompts. 

What is the downside of HelloFresh?

The downside of HelloFresh is that its program can be slightly expensive, depending on your budget. Also, some may prefer a service that delivers meals that are fully prepared, as HelloFresh meals do require some time and effort. Lastly, if you’re on a restrictive diet, HelloFresh’s offerings may not be ideally suited to your needs.

As for the first downside—the expense of HelloFresh—the good news is that the company offers a litany of discounts, especially in the first two months of service. Granted, HelloFresh doesn’t offer a free trial.

What is the cheapest alternative to HelloFresh?

The cheapest alternatives to HelloFresh include Dinnerly and EveryPlate—both offer meals that break down to $4.99 per serving, versus $8.99 for HelloFresh. The next cheapest after that is Daily Harvest, at $6.79 a serving. However, if you have your heart set on HelloFresh—it’s one of the best meal delivery services after all—you can score substantial discounts on your first two months of service (albeit no free trial).

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