“Our product is the easiest-to-use home brewing device ever conceived … easier to use than a TV,” said Jong-Wook Shin, CEO of Hopii, Inc. “It’s like having your own professional brewery equipment shrunk into an amazingly beautiful countertop unit. Since the intelligence of brewing great beer is built into the unit, you don’t have to worry about how to make your favorite craft beer — while you can enjoy its flavor in the freshest way possible.”

Of course, Hopii comes with a companion app that allows you to look for beer recommendations, connect with other craft beer fans, and buy beer kits so that you can keep brewing on your own.

“The craft beer market is exploding, but local craft breweries have a hard time distributing outside of their local region because setting up bottling or canning operations is expensive, time and space consuming and requires massive fixed-cost investments,” Shin said. “With Hopii, they can now get their creations to the customers who want them efficiently and affordably, using a risk-free distribution system that offers brews at their freshest, right-out-of-the-tank taste.”

You can pre-order the Hopii now from Kickstarter for $299, with an expected delivery date of June 2018.