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How to mount an Amazon Echo Show 15

If you’ve purchased a new Amazon Echo Show 15, there’s an important thing to know: You really need to plan to wall-mount it. If that’s not in the cards for you (maybe you’re in a rental or just don’t have wall space), you have a few options, since unlike pretty much all other Echo Show devices, you can pick how you want to orient the Echo Show 15. Let’s take a look at the best ways to display your Echo Show 15 so it’s accessible and safe from tipping over.

Use the included wall bracket for wall-mounting

Echo Show 15 on wall.

You can hang the Echo Show 15 on a wall with the included bracket. You can read the instructions, but you simply screw the bracket to the wall. Use the drywall anchors if you don’t have an available stud. The Show 15 will slide onto the bracket for a safe and permanent installation.

Use a stand

Echo show 15 stands.

If you don’t want to wall-mount the Echo Show 15, you can use one of the two stand options by Sanus that have been made for Amazon. There’s a tilt stand where you’ll attach the Show 15 to a secure bracket. The unit sits on a rubberized metal base, or you can opt for a tilt-and-swivel option. Both stands let you orient it either vertically or horizontally. Let’s look at each of these in detail and what you need to do.

Sanus Tilt Stand for Echo Show 15

The basic tilt stand has a heavy metal base with a rubberized coating. Setup is easy — it unfolds and you screw the bracket into the back of your Echo Show 15. Use the screw holes to line up everything.

Using this stand, you may adjust the lean or tilt from 90 degrees, or give it more of a tilted lean. You can place the Show 15 either vertically or horizontally on this stand, but you do need to remove and re-screw the brace if you opt to change the orientation.

Sanus Tilt and Swivel Stand for Echo Show 15

Sanus also makes a tilt-and-swivel stand. This stand sports a much smaller base and holds the Echo Show 15 up and off the counter.

This stand needs a bit more assembly, but it’s ready quick enough. The nice thing about this stand is that it has a hole in the stand to run the power cord out the back cleanly, and you can change the orientation of your Show 15 easily any time with no need to reattach the bracket on the back.

For our money, the tilt-and-swivel base is our favorite; it gives you more versatility for changing placement on a whim, plus it has a smaller footprint.

Wall-mounting or using a dedicated stand gives you a secure place to prop, lean, or mount your new Echo Show 15, so you can access it easily and keep it safely within reach.

Common Echo Show 15 questions

You’ve no doubt got questions about some other things you can do with the all-new Echo Show 15. Here are some of the top questions and answers.

Can you watch TV on Echo Show 15?

If you’re shopping around for an Echo Show 15, you’ve probably read that you can watch videos on this big screen. The Echo Show 15 has access to Amazon Prime Video, so you can stream your favorite Prime shows wherever you’ve installed the screen.

Does Echo Show 15 have a speaker?

Amazon Echo Show 15 has a speaker for communicating with Alexa. It’s not as high-fidelity or as large as the one on the Echo Show 10, but it’s perfectly capable of helping you interact with Alexa, and it will play music, too.

Is the Echo Show 15 a touchscreen?

An interactive touchscreen is standard on the Echo Show 15. It’s easy to swipe, tap, and touch your way to making appointments, adding items to your grocery list, or sending Sticky notes to family members. Of course, Alexa is also always listening for your commands, so hands-free voice control is another easy way to get your digital butler to do what you need.

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