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No doorman to receive your delivery? With Hub by Amazon, that is not a problem

No doorman? No problem. Amazon introduced a new delivery solution for apartment complexes that promises to deliver both convenience and safety (alongside your actual package, of course). Meet Hub by Amazon, a container that allows for the storage of packages so that they’re not just strewn about a lobby, or worse yet, potentially stolen. Really, the Hubs look just like traditional Amazon lockers, but instead of being installed in public spaces and businesses, they’re instead located in apartment complexes.

Best of all, the Hub isn’t just for Amazon deliveries — rather, if your mother wants to FedEx a care package to you while you live your big city dreams, the package can reside safely in Hub until you have finished with your 12-hour workday. Neither senders nor recipients have to make any specifications when it comes to getting their packages delivered — you still input your regular shipping address, and the Hub serves simply as a temporary stopover until you return home. When you’re ready to pick up, just use a personalized pickup code to open the corresponding door and access your delivery.

“We’re always striving to make things easier for our customers. Building on Amazon’s expertise in locker solutions, the Hub addresses frustrations from property owners, carriers, and residents concerning package delivery,” Patrick Supanc, director, Amazon Worldwide Lockers and Pickup, said in a statement. “Now half a million residents in some of the premier properties in the country have access to the Hub, Amazon’s latest delivery solution. The Hub simplifies delivery for residents, offering quick and secure access to packages, day or night. For delivery providers, it offers a single, convenient location for package drop-off and gives property managers time and resources back to focus on other priorities.”

This could serve as a huge help to folks who live in buildings with tricky delivery schedules. You will no longer have to worry about staying home just to wait on a package to arrive, nor will you have to remember to ask your building staff about that delivery that was supposed to come last week. Building managers will likely also appreciate the convenience offered by Hub — rather than requiring property staff to declutter a lobby or send packages to the proper apartment unit, everything can be centralized in Hub.

Already, Amazon says that several of the largest residential property owners in the U.S. have signed up for Hub, and that more than 500,000 apartment dwellers already have access to the amenity. If you’re interested in petitioning your own building to include one of these handy lockers, you can request Hub by Amazon at the new dedicated homepage.

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