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Philips shines a light on a new lineup of minimalist light fixtures

It’s not a big surprise that Philips is announcing a new lineup of Hue smart lights and fixtures, given that the news has been leaking out for weeks. However, it is interesting that the company is so committed to providing all the lights in a smart home including interior, exterior, mood and accent lighting. Essentially, these new products almost fit under a new category apart from its smart light bulbs, as these are almost a line of design items rather than simple incandescence.

Let’s see what we have here…

The Ascend Collection

This minimalist collection includes a hanging pendant, a floor lamp, a table lamp and a sconce that essentially cover standard Hue bulbs with structures made out of diffused glass that are designed to spread light around evenly. The table and the wall lap fit the E12 candle bulb and the floor lamp and pendant ship with the A19 bulb, though each can handle both white and colored lights.

Estimated retails costs run $179 for the floor lamp, $149 for the pendant, $129 for the table light, and a cool $99 for the wall light.

The White Ambiance Adore Collection

Bringing smart lighting to the bathroom, this new collection is being launched with a flush-mount fixture that has yet to appear in the wild as well as a $249 mirror that is rated IP44 against splashing water and dust. The ceiling light doesn’t feature changeable blubs. Instead, it comes with an expectation of at least 30,000 hours of use, or more than 1,200 days of continuous use, priced at $179. Reportedly, the light is also equipped with a dimmer switch. Homekit also recently spotted an Adore Spotlight with a built-in dimmer switch to use for outdoor ambience.

The Enchant Pendant Light

A simple hanging pendant light with white or color adds another minimalist flourish to the new lighting fixtures.

The Being Pendant

The is a ceiling-mounted pendant light will cost $249 when it’s released on August 20.

Outdoor Lightstrip

This bit of ambient lighting has been outed for a while so it’s not a huge surprise. It’s designed to withstand all-weather conditions so it’s a stand-alone product that can’t be extended or shortened. However, it is available in both 7-foot and 16-foot versions at $89 and $159, accordingly.

Rumored Ceiling Lights

Homekit also recently reported on the appearance of two thin, white warm and dimmable ceiling lights dubbed “Devote” and “Explore,” both with minimalist bulb recesses.

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