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Cook like a professional chef with the June Pro built-in smart oven

You can now cook new holiday-ready recipes in the June Pro

June Pro
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Cooking has never been so foolproof. The latest innovation to come to your kitchen manifests itself as a smart convection oven, heralded as the first of its kind. Known as the June Pro, this built-in appliance just might make you want to never sell your home.

The Pro builds upon June’s original product, simply called the June. The smart oven uses sensors and artificial intelligence to bring some expertise to your cooking technique. Thanks to machine learning and neural network technology, you don’t have to worry about under or overcooking your food, or having a burnt crust with a raw filling. Plus, the June promises to preheat three times faster than other traditional ovens, so theoretically, you can get dinner on the table faster than before.

Your smart oven is capable of identifying 25 common foods and cooking them properly. Whether you want to caramelize a butternut squash or roast a chicken, June can select the correct multistep cooking program and let you worry about something else. No longer will you have to set up camp beside your oven, opening the door every once in a while to make sure things are cooking properly.

Even better, the June Oven has debuted a brand new recipe component in the companion June app. Whether you’re in the mood for an hors d’oeuvre like roasted carrot hummus or kale chips, or a main dish like sweet and sour chicken, or even a dessert like chocolate chip bread pudding, the June has your back. And if you’re looking for a more traditional holiday recipe, don’t worry — your smart oven can prepare cranberry sourdough stuffing for you, too. After all, with convection baking, broiling, roasting, and slow cooking capabilities, the June Pro is ready for anything.

The June app syncs automatically with the oven to set the necessary time, temperature, and your preferred doneness for each recipe (with more added every week). The app will also allow you to watch your food cook even if you’re not in the kitchen, and will send you a notification when everything is ready. And as an early holiday gift, June is offering six months of the app for free for users who download the app before December 31, 2017.

June’s team will install the smart oven for you, offering white glove service from purchase to first press of the button to ensure that June Pro fits in your home and in your life. Currently available in the standard 24-inch size, the company notes that more sizes are coming soon.

The June Pro cam be ordered now from the company website for $1,995, and you’ll be able to solidify your position as the host with the most.

Update: June adds holiday recipes. 

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