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Kangaroo hops into CES 2019 with new security sensors, alarms, and cameras

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Smart home security setups typically aren’t cheap. Kangaroo, a security startup, is aiming to make protecting your home more affordable. Last year the company launched a mobile app and motion sensor, and now it’s expanding its lineup. At CES 2019, Kangaroo is introducing five new products that will be available later this year: An entry sensor, siren and keypad, climate sensor, smoke alarm, and camera.

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The Kangaroo entry sensor is a reworking of its original product. The two-piece sensor can detect any time someone passes through a door or window threshold and immediately sends a notification to your phone via the Kangaroo app. The Motion and Entry Sensor is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2019 and will cost $30.

Kangaroo’s Climate and Humidity Sensor will alert you to unwanted visitors of another kind, namely flooding and potential mold growth. The sensor can detect when humidity levels and temperature levels change around your home and will alert you when it seems like something is amiss. The Climate and Humidity Sensor will be available during the first quarter of this year for $30.

In addition to the Climate and Humidity Sensor, Kangaroo is also launching a more traditional Smoke Alarm and CO2 Sensor. While you (hopefully) already have one of these in your home, Kangaroo’s take on the device integrates into the rest of the company’s security ecosystem and can provide warnings sent to your phone if the alarm is ever triggered. The Smoke Alarm and CO2 Sensor will be available for $30 and will launch during the first quarter of the year.

Beyond the sensors, Kangaroo is also launching a Siren and Keypad. The keypad allows you to set a PIN that can arm and disarm all of your security devices and can set separate PINs for different members of your household. The Siren provides a loud, audible alert when triggered, which can scare off intruders or make sure that you hear the warning. The Siren and Keypad will sell for between $60 and $70 later this year.

Finally, Kangaroo is also launching its own security cameras. The company is planning to launch both indoor and outdoor cameras, and users will be able to stream footage from the devices through the Kangaroo app. The cameras will provide live feeds, motion alerts, night vision, and cloud storage of any important moments (though you’ll have to sign up for the Kangaroo Complete plan to store the clips, which costs $5 per month.) Kangaroo’s indoor and outdoor cameras will be available during the second quarter of this year, though no price has been set for them.

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