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Meet Lumigent, the smart robotic desk lamp that is so much more than a light source

This desk lamp will light up your life and in more ways than one. Meet the Lumigent, a robotic smart desk lamp that is much more than a light source. Rather, this artificially intelligent device boasts speech recognition capabilities and transformation functions and will even take photos for you — if you ask nicely.

Making its debut at CES this year, the Lumigent is a Wi-Fi connected lamp that happens to feature a camera. When you greet it with, “Hi, Lumi,” it automatically assumes a lighting position that best suits your work habits. The lamp will even automatically adjust to preset brightness levels and the attached camera is meant to help you capture images of documents and record your work.

The smart lamp’s main body features a movable axis with four-degree freedom and when you’re not making use of Lumigent, it will fold into itself to save space. But once you ask it to turn on, Lumi will snap to attention.

Just about everything in the lamp can be controlled by your voice, including the autofocus 8-megapixel camera. Any images you take can be saved on a microSD or in the cloud via Wi-Fi. Even the lamp’s positioning or brightness can be dictated handsfree. Once you preset your ideal lighting conditions for say, reading, simply say, “Hey Lumi, change the position to reading,” and the lamp will comply. Using the four motors within the robotic lamp, even the most minute differences in angles can be applied and memorized, so you’re always working in your most ideal environment.

This impressive device isn’t quite ready for market yet, but its makers predict a fall 2017 release. But be prepared to spend quite a pretty penny on this smart lamp — it will set you back somewhere between $400 and $700. But hey, if you’re looking for a desk lamp that is so much more than a lamp, the Lumi just be worth it.

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