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Nest launches bigger, better smart thermostat for $250

The Nest is getting its first new version since getting acquired by Google for a whopping $3.2 billion in January 2014, and this version features a bigger, easier-to-read screen, and a few more features for the smart home enthusiast.

The Nest, one of the first smart thermostats to hit the market in 2012, is among a growing number of “smart home” devices designed to make the places we live and work more comfortable and energy-efficient. The thermostat replaces your existing cooling and heating monitoring systems into an all-in-one device that optimizes living conditions depending on the time of day. It can also let you remotely control the temperature on your smartphone via Wi-Fi and give you the time of day and weather while sitting in the room.

The third-generation Nest is the company’s newest model in over two years, and one of the biggest changes is its larger, higher-resolution display. The display itself is not only 40 percent larger compared to the previous model. but has 29 percent greater pixel density as well. This means the device can now comfortably share the time, temperature, and weather without a user standing right in front of it, using a new sensor to detect people across the room to share its information.

Aside from this, the third-generation Nest is much like its predecessors. It claims to save up to 15 percent on your monthly electric and heating bill with its smart cooling and heating; connects through both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and can also support the Nest Cam for remote viewing while away from home, combining its efficient temperature management with a way to monitor your home — all from a single mobile app.

The Nest 3 is already available on Amazon and Nest’s website for $250, while the now-ancient 2012 version has been lowered to just $200 for purchase.

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