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Ring came out with two new, more affordable security cameras

Amazon announces two new, more affordable Ring security cameras

Amazon just announced two new Ring home security cameras: A new Ring Stick Up Cam and a new Ring Indoor Cam. The tech giant made the announcement at the Amazon Devices Event in Seattle on Wednesday, along with a number of other announcements about new products and new features coming to their voice assistant, Alexa.

Similar to the previous Ring Stick Up Cam, the new Stick Up Cam runs off battery power. Customers also have the option to purchase a version of the camera plugs into a wall outlet, or customers can opt for a model that uses a solar-powered accessory. Much like the previous iteration, the new Stick Up Cam also works both indoors and outdoors. The device can withstand rain or shine, and is designed to hold up in various weather conditions. The new Stick Up Cam offers most of the same benefits as the previous model — it boasts 1080p HD video, two-way talk, it has motion detection with alerts, and it has crisp night vision. However, the major difference between the old Ring Cam and the new version is its price. The new Ring Stick Up Cam retails for 30 percent less than the previous version.

Another new offering, the Ring Indoor Camera, is a compact device that plugs into a wall outlet. When we say compact, we’re talking 1.81 inches by 2.95 inches without the stand. With such a small-sized camera, customers can choose to place it in a discreet location. The Ring Indoor Cam is Amazon’s most inexpensive security camera to date. But, in spite of its low cost, the camera doesn’t skimp on features, including specifications like HD video, two-way talk, night vision, and motion activated notifications. The Indoor Cam is also super-easy to mount and set up, and customers should be able to install the camera in less than 10 minutes.

Right now, you can order the Battery-Powered Ring Stick Up Cam for $100. The Stick Up Cam Plug In is also available for $100, but the solar-powered version will set you back $149. If you want to go with the Indoor Cam, which is the best-priced model, you can order the Ring Indoor Cam for $60.

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The Always Home Cam is a security drone designed to fly autonomously from room to room to check that your property is secure while you’re out. It does, of course, connect to your smartphone, so if there is an unwelcome visitor, you’ll be able to watch your home being burglarized in real time instead of being surprised about it when you arrive home.

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This is without a doubt one of the bigger surprises to come out from Amazon’s Devices Event, one that takes security to a totally different level. Basically, the Ring Always Home Cam looks as though a sizable propeller guard has been strapped onto the top of one of its video doorbells. The whole thing looks peculiar and will certainly attract a few glances (from people and pets) as it buzzes around the home inspecting for security threats.

Why buy this when Ring already has a solid portfolio of indoor security cameras? Well, the premise here is that instead of having to buy multiple cameras that need to be spread around the home, the Ring Always Home Cam can effectively replace them -- operating on predetermined paths set by the user. It’ll be able to fly on its own, without any supervision or intervention on the user’s part, so that it can provide eyes wherever you need inside of the home.

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Last week, the company sent out a survey to some beta testers and screenshots of the survey were obtained by Ars Technica. The survey included questions about whether the testers would consider face detection and license plate detection important features. Typically, companies send out surveys like this to determine if certain features are something their customers would be interested in, so it's very likely that Ring may be considering face detection and license plate detection.

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