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12 brilliant gadgets to transform your backyard into a summer utopia

Summer might be more than a month off, but Memorial Day marks the start of the season, unofficially. That means you can start wearing white, fill up the pool, and stock up on s’more supplies. To help wring every drop of delight out of summer, we’ve rounded up some great gadgets. Check ‘em out.

Rachio IRO smart sprinkler ($249 – $299)

Rachio IRO smart sprinkler

There’s a drought on, and celebrities in California are being shamed on social media for their lush lawns. But everyone should be mindful of water use, and the Rachio smart sprinkler controller can reduce consumption by 30 percent by utilizing your Wi-Fi connection to check the weather and by adjusting watering frequency based on the season. This means you don’t have to worry about scheduling and can rely more heavily on nature to do the work for you. Read our review here.

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BakerStone Pizza Oven Box ($130)

BakerStone Pizza Oven Box

You’re going to be tied to your grill all summer anyway, why not get a device that also helps it make pizza? The Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box sits on top of your grill and makes pizza in about two to four minutes. That’s way faster than delivery (or DiGiorno).

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Robomow RS630 smart lawnmower ($2,099)

Robomow RS630 smart lawnmower

Summer isn’t all backyard barbecues and lazing by the pool. It comes with a whole new set of chores, including lawnmowing. The Robomow is like a Roomba for your grass. Expensive, yes, but so much more satisfying to watch it tackle your lawn from the comfort of your hammock. Read our review here.


SwimWays Kelsyus floating cooler ($40)

SwimWays Kelsyus floating cooler

Those fancy resorts have swim-up bars, but this is the next best thing. OK, it can’t mix you up a margarita, but it can keep your beer cold and save you from having to leave the pool.

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Heininger portable fire pit ($122.50)

Heininger portable fire pit

Don’t live on the beach but still crave the Kumbaya vibes engendered by a night around the campfire? Grab yourself a fire pit and let the marshmallow toasting commence. This will prevent you dealing damage to your manicured lawn.

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Gemmy Airblown 12’ self-Inflating movie screen ($128)

Gemmy Airblown 12’ self-Inflating movie screen

If you’re sick of hearing your college buddy sing songs around the campfire, then you can distract everyone by turning on a movie on your inflatable projector screen. And your binge-watching of Luther will somehow feel much more productive if you’re doing it outdoors. If you’re really serious about making an outdoor theater, check out more tips here.

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Kittywalk Systems Town & Country outdoor pet enclosure ($340)

Kittywalk Systems Town & Country outdoor pet enclosure

Dogs are given free rein of the yard during summer soirées, what of cats? They enjoy watching birds as much as any ornithologist but also like feasting on the feathery fellows. To keep both your pet and the local fowls safe, it may be best to confine cats to an enclosure.

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Looftlighter electric firestarter ($70)

Looftlighter electric firestarter

Lose the lighter fluid and get your charcoal going faster with the Looftlighter’s blast of super-hot air. Plus, it looks like a lightsaber, which is just awesome.

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Corkcicle Arctican ($20)

Corkcicle Arctican

Cans are so sweaty. And while coolers help chill your beverages before you start swigging, once you pop the top, the heat starts to creep in. The Arctican claims to keep your can cool for three hours, once you freeze the device’s base, which should be ample time to finish your brew.

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Quirky Icecap wine chiller + aerator ($35)

Quirky Icecap wine chiller + aerator

Not everyone likes a cold one on a hot day, but no one wants room-temp white wine on a scorcher, either. Enter the Icecap, which chills and aerates your pinot as you pour it through and into your glass. Now your mom has no excuse for putting ice cubes in her wine.

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Braven BRV-1 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker ($100)

Braven BRV-1 waterproof portable bluetooth speaker

If you’d like to listen to “Summertime” (whether it’s the Will Smith or Porgy and Bess version) while floating in the pool, you’ll probably want some speakers that can stand up to water. Braven’s portable speakers can do just that, whether it’s the kids’ splashing or the sudden summer rain that’s started to sprinkle. Read our review here.

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Smart & Green Ball portable outdoor LED lamp ($119 – $300)

Smart & Green Ball portable outdoor LED lamp

If you’d like to actually be able to see the guests you’ve invited over once night falls, you probably need to invest in some outdoor lighting. These portable LED lamps look awesome and come in all kinds of colors.

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