Over 50 percent of consumers prefer using a smartphone during workouts


In a study conducted by market research firm Lab 42, the group discovered that 51 percent of the social media savvy respondents utilize a smartphone in a variety of methods while working out. The overwhelmingly popular use for a smartphone during exercise is playing music as 91 percent claimed to use the device to listen to tunes during cardiovascular or weight-lifting exercise. Forty-three percent use a smartphone to keep track of their pace and 33 percent check email during a workout. When asked how technology has made an impact in their exercise routines, 74 percent stated that technology improves weight loss efforts and 72 percent said technology encourages them to workout on a more frequent basis.

music runningCommon outcomes of the impact of technology on working out included significant weight loss due to tracking tools like a food journal, more entertaining workouts due to fun smartphone apps that encourage progress and more flexibility in where a workout can take place due to informational apps included on a smartphone. Seventy-five percent of the group share progress with their friends through Facebook, texting or email.

In regards to the amount of people utilizing a gaming console to work out on a consistent basis, 51 percent use the Wii Fit for exercise. However, 60 percent of women prefer to use a Wii for exercise while 60 percent of men prefer working out with the Xbox Kinect.

When asked about the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, common answers included consistent workouts each week, reading health-related magazines and books, participating in a weight loss program like Weight Watchers and tracking fitness levels as well as eating habits with mobile apps and Web tools.

While the popularity of standalone fitness devices like the Nike Fuel Band and the Fitbit Ultra have attracted the attention of people attempting to get in shape, devices that rely on a smartphone like the Pebble smartwatch may also become worthwhile investments for fitness gurus. Even more creative, concept devices like the prototype  +++ Wearable Player may become popular among users that want to maintain a steady pace during their cardiovascular workouts.