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The best iPhone 12 Pro cases and covers

The iPhone 12 range has finally been announced, and the powerful flagship of the range is the iPhone 12 Pro. With a 6.1-inch display, powerful new A14 Bionic, and an upgraded camera, the iPhone 12 Pro is the reasonably sized iPhone for power users.

Apple’s new Ceramic Shield claims to protect iPhones better than ever before, but if we were you, we’d still slap a case on our new iPhone. Cases come in a range of forms, and choosing the right one for you is a case of deciding what you need it for. We’ve checked the biggest case makers and grabbed some of their best cases, and explained what’s good (and not so good) about each of them, so you can make your choice. Here are the best iPhone 12 Pro cases and covers.

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Ringke Air + Shoulder Strap Case

A clear case is a must-buy if you want to show off your phone’s style while keeping it protected, but many clear gel cases are on the thinner side, so sacrifice some protection. Not so with Ringke. This version of the Air case comes with a cross-body shoulder strap that attaches to the lanyard attachment points at the bottom of the case. Sling the strap around your shoulders and drops are all but impossible. But even without the strap, the case’s protection is pretty good. The slim TPU is flexible and shock-absorbant, and it’ll protect well against scratches and minor bumps. There’s a raised bezel to elevate the screen, and the price is reasonable.

Peel Super-Thin Case

Apple has done everything it can to keep the iPhone 12 Pro’s size and weight down, so it would be a shame to add too much bulk to your phone with a case. That’s where Peel comes in. Specializing in ultra-slim cases, Peel’s Super Thin case is just 0.35mm thick, which is so thin it’s semi-transparent. It’s branding-free, so you can pretend you’re not using a case, and there’s an extremely subtle raised border around the edges of the display and camera lenses. The matte coating means it’s resistant to fingerprints and smears, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen is one of our favorite case makers for a reason, and the Slim Armor CS is one of its best cases. It’s a dual-layer case that uses hard polycarbonate and flexible TPU to provide a mix of hard and soft that guards against a range of damage, including drops. Airbags in the case’s corners protect against drops, adding shock-dispersion, and a raised edging around the display and camera lenses mean it’s protected against grit and dirt. The real drawer is the hidden compartment on the back. This slim pocket can hold up to two cards or some spare cash, making it an excellent way to forgo carrying a wallet while you’re out.

UAG Outback Bio Series

Apple is making big steps in terms of sustainability and impact on the environment, so it makes sense you’d pick a case that’s also dedicated to more environmentally-friendly aims. UAG’s Outback Bio case is made from special bioplastics that are 100% compostable, as well as adhering to UAG’s usual high level of protection. It meets military standards for drop tests, is wireless charging compatible, and is slim enough to easily slip into a pocket or bag. The packaging is also completely recyclable, with soy-based inks and minimal use of adhesives. It’s definitely on the more expensive side as far as cases go though.

Otterbox Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

What’s better than Otterbox’s excellent Symmetry case? Otterbox’s Symmetry case combined with a PopSocket PopGrip, that’s what. Pop out the PopGrip and you’ll be able to use it to keep a hold of your iPhone while taking selfies, or use it to prop your phone up on a flat surface. You can swap the PopSocket out and replace it to fit your style, and it slots against the back of the case so it doesn’t catch when slipping into pockets. But even without the PopGrip it’s an exceptional case. Otterbox claims it meets three times the military standard for drops, and raised edges help to protect the most vulnerable parts of your phone. It’s expensive, like all Otterbox cases, but we think it’s worth it if you need serious protection and love a PopSocket.

Gear4 Wembley Palette Case

If you’re a butterfingers and drops are your absolute nemesis, then Gear4’s cases are basically made for you. Gear4 makes cases with a range of protective options, but the Wembley Palette falls nicely in the combination of protection, style, and hand-feel. It’s made from a combination of materials, most notably Gear4’s own D3O material that’s incorporated into the top, bottom, and corners of the case. This material means the case is insulated against drops from an impressive 10 feet (3 meters), despite being a relatively slim and lightweight case. It’s not badly priced given all this protection, and we really like the semi-transparent design.

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case

If you want your iPhone to be as stylish as you are, then look no further than this hardshell case from Kate Spade New York. It comes in a number of different designs to match any style you have going, including the Hollyhock Floral Clear, which shows your phone’s design off with a beautiful graphic print laid over the top. It’s not all beauty and no brawn either, as the hardshell is joined by a shock-resistant bumper around the outside, giving decent protection. It’s not going to be the super-protective case for an explorer, but it’s still a great choice for the stylish.

Tech21 Eco Art Case

If your aesthetic involves environmental responsibility, style, and protection, you might assume you won’t be able to find a perfect case. Well, Tech21 has the perfect case for you. The Eco Art case is made from 100% biodegradable materials, offers drop protection from up to 10 feet (3 meters), and sports a number of exclusive design, including the Terazzo Orange featured above. It’s also compatible with the new iPhone’s MagSafe special feature, which is definitely a bonus — but it is very expensive for what it is, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the money to you.

Nodus Fender + Micro Dock

You most likely think of leather when considering high-end protective cases. This leather case from Nodus may not be a wallet case, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a combination of style impact and not dealing with the hassles of a wallet case. This case features polycarbonate and TPU, with an Italian leather back. The leather is soft and feels great, and gives a tremendous high-end impression of your device. It’s compatible with MagSafe, and it also comes with a Nodus Micro Dock — more or less a magnet you can use to attach your phone to surfaces. It’s strong and stylish, and while it’s highly-priced, it’s not a bad price for real leather of this quality.

Burkley Carter Detachable Leather Wallet Case

Burkley’s Carter wallet case is a must-see if you’re someone with an eye for a classic wallet case. It’s made from premium full-grade leather, with a separate bumper around the edge of the case itself to bolster against drops and bumps. It’s also a 2-in-1 case, as you may have noticed. The case section attaches to the wallet cover with magnetism, so you can attach and detach the folio wallet as you see fit, making it a superb adaptive option if you don’t always need the extra wallet space. It forms a kickstand too, and it has space for a large number of payment cards, travel tickets, or spare cash. An excellent case, but that’s reflected in the high price.

Lifeproof Fre Rugged Case

Lifeproof is a case maker you have to check out if you’re looking for top-of-the-line protection. The Fre case is specially constructed for people with an active lifestyle, and especially for those who can’t afford a fragile phone to hold them back. The Fre is waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof, and drop-proof, and while it may not be the sleekest, most stylish, or smallest case around, it’s undoubtedly one of the most protective. There’s all-around protection with the built-in screen cover, and it has plugs for all the ports. This protective case is excellent but not the cheapest option by far. You’ll have to wait for it, but it’s going to be worth waiting for if you’re the adventurous type.

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