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The best iPhone chargers for 2022

With newer iPhone models now shipping without a power charger and older chargers suffering wear and tear — especially those with fragile, fraying cables — now is a great time to consider a new charger for your iPhone. Even better, upgrading to a new charger is also a way to help improve charging speed, especially if you have an iPhone 8 or newer. Since chargers are reasonably priced, it’s not a huge budget hit, either. We’ve compiled a list of the best chargers to buy right now, beginning with the big jump in innovation that MagSafe technology has brought.

Looking for a car charger? Check out our full list of car chargers that work with iPhones. If you have an adapter and just need a cable, we can also help you find the right Lightning cable for your device.

Apple MagSafe charger

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro with Apple MagSafe Charger.

Starting with the iPhone 12 models, Apple introduced a powerful new option for charging (and various other abilities) with built-in magnets positioned in the back of the iPhone. This allows for the portless MagSafe charger to attach to the back of the phone and charge the battery via induction. No more messing around with ports, no more yanking cables accidentally because they were still attached, and you get an updated USB-C connection for improved charging times. It can even work as a wireless charger for older iPhones — albeit without the magnetic lock-on. The only downside is that MagSafe chargers can only attach with a thin case. If you have a thicker case, it may just fall off. That’s why we also recommend taking a look at cases that are specifically designed to work with MagSafe chargers, including some directly from Apple.

Anker 20W USB-C PowerPort III Nano (two-pack)

Anker 20W USB-C PowerPort III Nano (2-Pack).

Anker’s tiny little charger isn’t just extra portable — it’s also packed with power. The 20W charger is specifically designed to provide the fastest charging possible for your Apple devices, up through the iPhone 12. The design also has improved heat dissipation and greater electrical efficiency to keep it working as long as possible. If you have any other USB-C-compatible devices (or the right adapter cables) that need charging, you can use the same charger for them, too. Since this is a pack of two chargers, it also lets you keep an extra charger in a place where you often need one, like at a desk or beside a favorite sofa.

Apple 20W USB-C Adapter

Apple 20W USB-C adapter.

Apple’s older iPhones have a charging issue: They support higher-wattage charging rates but only ship with lower-wattage chargers that can’t take advantage of that fast charging. This was addressed around the iPhone 11, but if you have anything between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 12, you can get a major charging speed boost simply by getting a new charger. Apple makes this easy with an upgraded 20W version of its original charger. The charging benefits also extend to other Apple devices like iPads. Note that you’ll get these benefits from most of the chargers on our list, but this is the best way to stick with Apple-made products at the same time.

Anker 4-Port PowerPort Atom III

Anker 4-Port PowerPort Atom III.

Do you have several different charging needs when all your devices are grouped together at your desk or a similar location? Anker’s PowerPort model is specifically designed to provide charging for several devices in a compact form. The 63W charger includes two USB-C and two USB-A ports. One of the USB-C powers is a 45W beast designed for fast-charging laptops, while the other is an 18W version that’s ideal for smaller devices like iPhones. All ports come with Anker’s IQ tech so that the port provides the right amount of power for the device without endangering the battery. Note that it does need to be connected to a wall outlet, so make sure you have an outlet available.

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charger

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charger.

Wireless chargers are a perfectly viable way of recovering iPhone battery life. While we have some favorite wireless chargers that stand above the rest, this Moshi model is a great pick for your first wireless charger or a minimalistic upgrade to an old charger. The 15W pad has a soft, textured material, so you won’t have to worry about causing damage, plus a silicone ring to prevent your iPhone from slipping off. It also has object sensors, so charging stops if there’s a metal object on the pad, which could pose safety problems. Wireless charging also works just fine with most iPhone cases. Note that there’s no AC adapter included; you’ll need one of your own or a free port on your computer to hook up this charger.

Belkin Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin Wireless Charging Stand.

Another popular wireless charging option is a stand that lets you prop your iPhone up while it charges. This allows you to glance over and see updates or notifications much more easily, which is very important for some users. You can even charge while you’re playing a video. The 10W stand provides an especially sturdy backing for this type of charging, with an inventive design that supports portrait or landscape charging as needed. It’s also specifically optimized for iPhones to deliver as much charge as it can. The stand includes a wall adapter and 4-foot cable and comes in either black or white.

Elecjet PowerPie Power Bank

Elecjet PowerPie Power Bank.

Looking for a portable charging option that’s ready when you need it and can help out during battery emergencies? This Elecjet option hits the sweet spot with its compact form, 20,000mAh capacity, and both USB-C PD and USB-A charging options. You’ll need compatible cables for your iPhone (a USB-C cable is included), but the guaranteed fast charging for newer iPhone models is a great benefit. A full charge can charge even an iPhone 12 Pro Max slightly more than three times.

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Belkin 3-in-1 Wireless Charger.

If you’re invested in Apple’s larger ecosystem, you probably have a few other devices that can benefit from wireless charging around the same time as your iPhone. This three-in-one charger can charge your iPhone, AirPods case, and Apple Watch all at the same time, with dedicated spots for each device. It’s not as fast as some chargers, but you get iPhone charging at 7.5W and AirPod/Watch charging at 5W, which is quite healthy — and it works just fine through cases. It’s also available in white!

Research and buying tips

Wired or wireless: What’s the difference?

Wired chargers tend to be faster and a bit more affordable than wireless chargers, but they require a direct port connection to the adapter to work. Wireless chargers use the iPhone-compatible Qi standard to provide a charging surface, so all you have to do is put your iPhone down, and it starts charging. They’re usually a little slower but more convenient.

Which iPhones have wireless charging?

The iPhone 8 (including models like the 8 Plus) and newer iPhones support wireless charging.

What should I look for in an iPhone charger?

If you want a stationary charger at your bedside or desk, we recommend looking at wireless chargers. If you want a more compact portable charger that’s easier to store and take out when needed, a pick like the compact Anker charger above is smart.

How long does it take for an iPhone to charge?

A lot of factors are at play here. iPhones have inherent wattage standards that tend to increase as new iPhone generations come out. Higher-wattage charges and charges equipped with fast-charging capabilities can take advantage of this and charge iPhones more quickly. Lower wattage chargers are fine but will charge more slowly. For newer iPhones, it should take about two hours (at the most) to reach full charge. Older iPhones can take between two and three hours.

How can I charge my iPhone faster?

Compare the wattage of chargers. For iPhones, especially the iPhone 11 and 12, look for a charger that’s more than 5 watts to take advantage of potential charging speed increases. If you normally use a wireless charger, switching to a direct charger with higher wattage should significantly improve charging times. You can improve charging times by avoiding iPhone use while it’s charging. iPhones will automatically reduce charge when they reach their max, so you don’t need to worry about overcharging. Charge in a cool spot to avoid any potential issues.

How much is an iPhone charger?

Prices vary significantly. At the low end, you can find competent chargers for $15 to $30. At high levels, you may pay around $100 for multi-device chargers with additional features.

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