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Piper home security system gets updated with new features, lower price

piper home security system gets updated new features lower price photo 09

If you like the idea of having a security system in your home, but don’t like the idea of shelling out a bunch of money to have one installed, we’ve got some great news for you. Piper, one of the best do-it-yourself home security systems in the biz, just got a feature update and lower price.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Piper is a connected device that’s equipped with a 180-degree HD security camera, an array of different environmental sensors, and both Wi-Fi and Z-wave radios. All this gear allows it to communicate with other devices on your home network, and also function as a cheap and effective security system for apartments and renters who have no real way to install a more traditional security setup.

piper_photo_03See, it used to be that outfitting your home with a security system meant contacting a security agency like Brinks or ADT, installing sensors all over your house, and paying a monthly fee to keep your service going. But now that sensor tech has become drastically cheaper than it used to be, cheap DIY home surveillance systems are starting to pop up, and Piper is one of the first (and best, so far) to hit the market.

Starting today, the device (which formerly retailed for $239) will now sell for just $199. This price drop comes in the wake of iControl Network’s recent acquisition of Blacksumac — the Canadian startup that brought Piper into the world about a year ago via a hugely-successful Indiegogo project. With iControl’s help, the company was able to streamline Piper’s production process, allowing them to produce the device at a lower cost. 

In addition to a smaller price tag, Piper is also getting two new features: Bedside Mode, which lets users manually turn on a siren in case of an emergency (and is also great for scaring squirrels off your porch, according to creator Russel Ure); and Z-Wave Light dimmer compatibility, which allows users to set the mood and control the lighting in their homes directly from the Piper mobile app.

Ure also hinted that additional features will be rolling out in the coming months, but couldn’t give us specific details on what they might be. Regardless, it’s definitely safe to assume that this already excellent device will only get better in the future.

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