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Samsung is enhancing its Family Hub Fridge and washing machine

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Samsung first rolled out its Family Hub Refrigerator back at CES 2016. Every year since it’s been fine-tuning the device to become the central information center for families. This year at CES 2019, Samsung is announcing the integration of artificial intelligence (A.I.) into the kitchen appliance that should help make it more intuitive when helping organize your whole family’s day. Plus, the company is adding a new Wi-Fi connected washer to its lineup of home appliances.

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According to Samsung, adding A.I. to the new Family Hub Refrigerator will make the device even smarter and better at managing your family’s busy lives. Instead of just being a connected hub that will show you information from your apps, the Family Hub will now be able to display information in more natural and personal ways as it learns and predicts what you need and when you need it. Samsung wants the fridge to communicate with your connected apps and other appliances so it can present the most relevant and important information throughout the day.

At the center of the Family Hub’s transformation is the Personalized Family Board, which allows families to create customized spaces that reflect the most important things in their lives. The Communal Screen creates a unique experience for every person, with activities, interests, and memories all brought to the forefront when using the device. Samsung is adding enhanced Bixby integration to allow members of the family to easily get to the information they need with voice controls.

In addition to Samsung’s smarter Family Hub Refrigerator, the company is also showing off a Wi-Fi connected Front Load Washer. The appliance does away with the guesswork that you often have to put into your laundry. The washer comes with smart features that allow you to easily set up the ideal wash for your clothes, bedding, or whatever else needs to be cleaned.

Samsung’s connected app includes a Laundry Recipe feature that provides you with a recommended cycle depending on what you’re washing, what color they are, and the level of dirt that you’re dealing with. You can also scheduled your washes so they’ll be done when it’s most convenient for you.

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