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Protect your home with just your voice thanks to SkylinkNet and Alexa

Controlling your home with the simple sound of your voice is easy enough these days, but protecting it hasn’t always been so easy. Here to change that, however, is the SkylinkNet connected home suite, which allows folks to control their entire home security kit with Alexa Voice Service and “nearly all major smart home devices on IFTTT.” So go ahead — sleep easy, and know that if things require your attention, all you need to do is raise your voice.

The Alexa compatibility allows homeowners to integrate SkylinkNet’s products — including sensors, cameras, and alarms — with Alexa-enabled devices. That means that you can say, “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to check alarm status,” to see if there’s been any suspicious activity, or “Alexa, ask SkylinkNet to panic,” should a camera or sensor detect anything out of the ordinary. And these don’t have to be exclusively SkylinkNet cameras or sensors — with IFTTT compatibility, users can connect their security kits to Nest Cam, WeMo appliances, or Phillips Hue lights.

You can almost treat SkylinkNet as a central hub, and ask Alexa to have SkylinkNet turn on your kitchen lights, or open or close your garage door. “With the addition of Alexa Voice Services, we are offering homeowners a way to make their homes even smarter,” Skylink president Gallen Tsui said.“Our system provides homeowners with an easy and affordable way of keeping their families safe and providing them with direct access to Alexa Voice Services streamlinestheir connected capabilities, making the smart home even more attainable.”

The SkylinkNet system comes with a backup battery in case there’s a power failure or a nefarious actor attempts to shut down your power grid, and of course, like all other smart security systems, there’s an iOS and Android app that sends you a notification anytime a sensor is triggered or alarm is armed or disarmed. Up to six users can monitor a home at the same time, and the SkylinkNet system will work with up to 100 wireless sensors and controllers, and 10 wireless cameras. You can buy the SkylinkNet starter kit, which comes with an Internet Hub, two motion sensors, two keychain remotes (for arming and disarming the system), two door or window sensors, and two plug-in dimmers for $213.

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