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Smartable may look minimalist, but it’s packed with high-tech goodies

It’s no longer good enough for a table to simply be functional — not when it’s surrounded by all the other connected appliances and smart devices in your 21st-century home. Today’s tables must be as unique as they are useful, and here to rise to the occasion is the new Smartables. This new multimedia table doesn’t just provide a surface upon which you can set your phone, place a speaker, or install a light. Instead it combines all these functionalities into a single piece of rather futuristic furniture.

Featuring a wireless charger for compatible mobile devices, LED lights, and Bluetooth speakers, the Smartables seems to satisfy many of our modern needs. You can place up to three Qi-compatible phones, smartwatches, or tablets at the head of the table, where the built-in inductive charger will supply the power. Of course, if you don’t have a phone capable of being wirelessly charged, there are USB ports that will allow you to juice your devices the old-fashioned way.

With two 10-watt speakers connected to an amplifier, you can transmit your favorite tunes directly to the Smartables via a Bluetooth connection. So whether you’d like to play songs from your music library, stream from Spotify, or perhaps provide a sound system for the movie playing on your laptop, the Smartables can help.

But perhaps more compelling than its built-in functionalities is its modular design. The top of the Smartables can actually be detached, and repurposed either as a serving platter or laptop table. And thanks to a hidden storage space within the Smartables’s leg, you can keep a whole host of tiny items organized.

Channeling Scandinavian minimalism in the design, the Smartables is said to be made from hand-formed wood. “We wanted to create a piece of furniture which would be beautiful and at the same time technologically advanced,” the team noted. “The LED lights are not turned on with a classic switch, but instead are activated by touching a specific spot on the top with a fingertip.”

Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the Smartables will set early bird backers back $472. Shipment is anticipated for March 2018.

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