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Wyze takes a page out of IKEA’s playbook with its minimalist floor lamp

Is there a room in your home that is just a bit too dark, no matter how many windows are open? It seems like everyone has one. A floor lamp is the perfect solution, and Wyze’s new low-cost option holds a lot of appeal.

Today, Wyze launched the Wyze Floor Lamp, a five-foot, 11-inch lamp stand with a flexible gooseneck head. You can adjust it to shine light where you need it, and the 11 different brightness levels provide tons of utility. You can place it in the corner of the bedroom just to brighten up the space, or you can set it beside a desk to shine light on arts and crafts.

The light beam is focused to 23 degrees, which means the light is directed toward a narrow point and isn’t diffused all throughout a space. The 15 different condenser lenses allow this lamp to be used as a utility light, as well as a normal floor lamp. It scores more than a 90 on the color rendering index, which means that any object seen under the lamp is viewed in almost its true color. Painting, coloring, and other tasks that require color accuracy can all be done beneath the Wyze Floor Lamp.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Wyze Floor Lamp is available for pre-order today starting at $30 plus shipping. The kit includes the Wyze Floor Lamp stand, a Wyze PARB bulb, a remote, and a quick start guide and batteries for the remote. The product is expected to begin shipping in late May.

The competitive price of the Wyze Floor Lamp makes it worth consideration, especially when you consider that many similar products start at this price point without a bulb. It also includes a 36-month warranty and has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours of use — roughly 2.8 years of nonstop use out of a single bulb. Whether you need a stylish lamp to add a bit more light to a space or you plan to use the Wyze Floor Lamp in a craft room, it has a wide variety of uses. The low price point is just a bonus.

Given Wyze’s continued aggressive push into the smart home with recent additions like the Wyze Robot Vacuum, Wyze Color Bulb,  and Wyze Home Monitoring, thislatest offering should come as no surprise as the company isn’t afraid to make a statement in the form of the utility and affordable cost attached to its products.

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