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Swann Xtreem security camera boasts 6-month battery, heat and motion sensing

One of the most glaring flaws in modern security cameras lies in motion detection. While it can be a massive benefit, there are too often false alarms caused by a shadow passing or a leaf falling in front of the camera. The new Swann Xtreem security camera can help fight false alarms thanks to its True Detect heat and motion sensing. By picking up on heat signatures, it can better identify motion within the home and reduce the number of false alarms.

On top of the more advanced sensors, the Swann Xtreem security camera has a six-month battery life. The long battery life means users can set the camera up and forget about it. When the 13,000mAh battery starts to get low, you will get an alert so you can recharge it to give the camera another six months of life.

Two-way talk means users can speak to visitors and hear anything that is being said near the camera, while the 110-degree field of view gives you a clear angle of whatever the camera sees. It’s also equipped with infrared night vision up to 26 feet away, providing a clear view even on the darkest nights.

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The portability of the camera is a major plus. Just screw it into any mount and, as long as the camera is within Wi-Fi range, you can access the feed at any time. If you find the position doesn’t work for you, you can just unmount the camera and move it to a better location.

Subscription plans let the Swann Xtreem upload rolling, 60-day footage to the cloud. You can access stored 1080p footage, as well as the livestream from the Swann Security application, on iOS and Android devices. Users can receive a 100-day free trial of the Secure+ Service plans to try them out. You can cancel at any point during the trial and never pay a cent. Plans are available starting at $5 per month or $50 annually.

Swann Extreem cameras connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT for greater smart home integration. It includes a 24-month warranty and other exclusive features. With a $180 cost attached to the Swann Xtreem, it certainly plays in a crowded field filled with top-tier players like Arlo, Ring, and Google.

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