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Have a pool for the day with the Airbnb of swimming pools

Want to host a pool party, but you don’t own a pool? No problem with Swimply, the Airbnb of swimming pools. Swimply is an online marketplace where pool owners can rent out their pools by the hour.

If you’re ready to rent a pool for a party or just for an hour or two to pamper yourself, you can scroll through Swimply’s listings and select the right pool for an event or special occasion. You can search by location, time, and amenities included with the rental. We’ve listed a range of examples of Swimply pool listings and prices below.

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Browsing current Swimply listings found pools for rent in 10 U.S. states and Ontario, Canada. Hourly rental rates ranged from a low of $20 on weekdays and $30 on weekends to a high of $160 per hour Monday through Friday and $200 an hour Saturday and Sunday.

There are indoor and outdoor fresh and saltwater pools among the Swimply listings. Some pools allow access and use to a wide range of amenities like pool toys, waterslides, and hot tubs. Surprisingly, many of the pools do not include access to bathrooms, which seems counter-intuitive.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood experience, this pool with a golf course view in Raleigh, North Carolina is available for $35 an hour on weekdays and $50 an hour on weekends. Note that this pool allows a maximum of eight guests in your party. You can use a grill, a lunch table, and the water slide, but there is no changing area and no bathroom access.

If you just want a chance to cool off, play with your kids, or chill with friends in a more private setting, this backyard pool in Lakewood, New Jersey rents for $30 per weekday hour and $40 per hour on weekends. The owners are fine with renters playing with the pool toys as long as the toys are removed from the pool before you leave. For an extra $50 the owners will turn on a pool heater an hour before the rental period. There’s a shed you for changing, but no bathroom.

The ranch resort-style pool below, in Katy, Texas, has a changing area and a half bath available for renters. Maximum group size is 15 and includes the use of a grill, hot tub, and pool toys. Rental is $60 per weekday hour and $90 per hour on weekends.

A maximum of eight people can rent the 45 by 15-foot heated, saltwater infinity horizon pool shown below in Miami, Florida. Hourly rental rates are $150 weekdays and $200 on weekends. Amenities include a basketball court, diving board, kiddie pool, pool toys, and night lighting. You might want to arrive by boat and tie up at the adjacent dock because there’s no bathroom access with the pool rental. People inside the house have a full view of the pool area.

The Swimply marketplace also lists private indoor pools, such as the saltwater lap pool below in Brooklyn, New York. The owners stress this pool is for swimming, not jumping and horsing around. The hourly rental rates for up to six people are $125 on weekdays and $150 during the weekend. The facility includes a grill, a table, a sauna, and a bathroom and changing room. Wi-Fi is also available.

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