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Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus may have a battery for days and a 108-megapixel camera

We’re getting closer to seeing what the Samsung Galaxy S11 looks like for real, and as a result, the number of leaks claiming to show the new device has increased. Of the new features expected in 2020’s new Samsung flagship, the battery size, and new camera suite have been some of the most speculated upon — and today, new leaks are saying we can expect a much larger battery in the Galaxy S11 Plus, and some new camera tech to boot.

It could well be the worst kept secret of 2019 that Samsung is planning on adding a 108-megapixel main lens to the upcoming Galaxy S11 range, with multiple rumors dating back several months now — so further rumors of that 108-megapixel sensor only mean it’s even more likely to be accurate. But it’s not the 108-megapixel sensor itself that’s got us rattling our keyboards today, it’s the rumor from reputable and noted leaker Ice Universe that the Galaxy S11 Plus will use that 108-megapixel lens to take 12-megapixel images.


— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) December 15, 2019

This is possible thanks to a process known as “pixel-binning”, which combines multiple pixels into a single pixel and can significantly boost low-light performance. We’ve seen phones like the Motorola One Vision use pixel-binning before, but only at the level of shrinking 48-megapixels down to 12-megapixels. The S11 Plus would be combining nine pixels into one, which could have a profound impact on the camera’s performance. It’s currently unknown whether it will be capable of taking 108-megapixel images as a separate option.

But that wasn’t all Ice Universe had to say about the S11 Plus’s camera. Leaked renders have shown a dramatic new rectangular design for the S11 range’s rear camera module, and Ice Universe has shown off imagery that apparently confirms the new design.

Credit: @UniverseIce

According to Ice Universe, the lenses shown are an ultra-wide-angle, main lens, and the distinctive square shape of a periscope zoom lens — which was missing from earlier renders. Unfortunately, Ice Universe claims not to know exact details of the right side of the module, but expects it’ll contain a flash unit and a Time-of-Flight sensor for accurate depth data.

Finally, but of no less importance, is news about the expected battery size of the Galaxy S11 Plus. It is anticipated to be a lot of phone with a lot of screen, so a big battery would be expected. According to sources speaking to The Elec, the Galaxy S11 Plus is expected to contain a massive 5,000mAh battery sourced from LG Chem. That’s almost a 20% increase on the S10 Plus‘s 4,100mAh battery, and will probably mean a significant boost in battery life.

That’s everything new we’ve heard for the moment, but you can be sure we’ll be hearing more leaks and rumors as we get closer to a release date in 2020. We’ll bring you all the rumors as we find them.

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