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The Hydrao Smart Shower aims to curb your water consumption with LEDs

the hydrao smart shower aims to curb your water consumption with leds header
Water is a precious commodity, whether you’re living in a remote region of Singapore or downtown Los Angeles. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way to monitor your water consumption, so you can cut back on costs and reduce your aquatic footprint without having to guesstimate how many gallons you eat up on the daily? Enter the Hydrao Smart Shower, an eco-sensitive shower head designed to monitor and inform you of your consumption as you shower.

Initially developed by French firm Start & Blue, the Hydrao looks to be as simple as it is informative. As explained during a short presentation at CES, the white shower head comes lined with an array of built-in LED lights, each of which changes color based on the amount of water you’ve consumed during your session. Each color corresponds to and relies on three alert thresholds, which you can set using the accompanying mobile app for iOS devices. The head connects via Bluetooth LE, allowing you to set user profiles and track water usage directly within the app.

Hydrao Shower

And if you’re worried about power and compatibility — don’t be. The Hydrao quickly attaches to any standard shower hose and runs off a built-in turbine, a notable feature that allows it to generate enough power to keep the lights on and Bluetooth connectivity active without the need of batteries. The mere addition of colored lights and a companion app might not be enough to shorten your shower sesh, but at least you’ll know when you’ve used 50 or so gallons of water. Whether you feel bad about it or simply don’t care is entirely on you…

Pre-orders for the latest iteration of the Hydrao Smart Shower are currently ongoing.

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