Goodbye, cold brew: This mug keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature

Nano Heated Mug
As you’re reading this, it’s entirely possible you have a mug of coffee sitting on your desk in front of you, losing steam and becoming an undrinkable, lukewarm beverage. The creators of the Nano Heated Mug believe their device can resolve this daily annoyance.

Simply charge the mug with a USB cord at home, at your computer, or in your car. Once it reaches full power, the device will last up to seven refills before needing to be plugged in again. Those who don’t want to deal with a wire can opt for the wireless charging plate.

The wireless heated mug, developed by Design HMI and Green Lama, utilizes nano heat technology, developed by Advanced Materials Enterprises, to keep liquid warm. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information on the company’s website about how the tech actually works, though it sounds like it does something beyond merely retaining the temperature, unlike the metal thermoses you find at your local coffee shop. The chief benefit seems to be that it heats up very quickly.

To save power while it’s in use, the Nano Heated Mug automatically turns off after 30 minutes. Its creators promise that for 45 minutes, your coffee will stay at a perfect, drinkable temperature (155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit).

The plastic mug can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, and it also comes with a snap-fit insulated lid for commuting convenience. It is double lined for maximum insulation, and its metal lining is stainless steel. An illuminated blue ring at the base of the mug lets you know when the device is switched on, and it flashes red when the battery level has dipped below 25 percent. Naturally, all that tech doesn’t interact well with dishwashers, so you’ll have to hand wash the mug.

The first shipments of the Nano Heated Mug are expected to arrive at customers’ doorsteps in June 2015. The regular retail price of the product is set for $40. If the cup works as advertised, you could recoup that cost by not having to throw out cold cups of coffee every morning.

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