Joe to go: These mugs double as portable coffee makers

Joe to go: These mugs double as portable coffee makers

the oomph and mojoe are portable coffee makers maker


I have my morning routine down to a science, so I can wake up as late as possible and still do everything I need to do before catching the bus. This means I have to wait until I’m at the office to grab coffee, though, because I haven’t slotted brewing time into my schedule. Based on the number of portable coffee makers I’ve seen recently, I’m not alone.

Oomph Portable Coffee MakerKickstarter currently has two such products: Mojoe and Oomph. The first uses batteries or electricity to heat the water and brew the coffee anywhere — even your car — while the second needs no power and relies on pressure. That means you’ll need preheated water to make the Oomph work. Pour your grounds and hot water into the inner chamber, then use the outer casing as a plunger. Every time you take a sip, a “dynamic mixer” stirs the coffee to keep the taste consistent.

The Mojoe, which runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or via an outlet or cigarette lighter charger in your car, makes coffee with a “VacDrip” process. It has a chamber for water and another for grounds. When you turn the cup on, it heats the water to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (as recommended by the National Coffee Association). Steam pushes the water through a siphon to the grounds, and there’s a third chamber for the coffee. The process takes between six and 10 minutes.

Neither device, which both double as cups, quite fits the bill as a travel-sized mug. The Mojoe is just over 11 inches tall, while most travel cups are around eight. The Oomp doesn’t list its dimensions but certainly looks a bit squatter thanks to its outer casing. And while the Oomph holds 13 ounces of coffee, the Mojoe only has room for 8.25 ounces of coffee.

Both campaigns have reached their funding goals, and you can get an Oomph for around $56 and the Mojoe for $79, with delivery expected in April and May 2016 respectively. Crowdfunding cautions apply, as always.