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Stop lying to your dentist about flossing and get the ToothShower

There’s no point in lying to your dentist — she knows you’re not always brushing twice a day, much less flossing. And while you care about your mouth’s health, sometimes, taking those extra two minutes at the beginning or end of the day can be tough. But now there’s a new oral care system that wants to make brushing more convenient and efficient than ever. Meet the ToothShower, heralded as the complete oral care solution you can find in your shower. Powered by the water in said shower, this system claims to clean 100 percent of your teeth surfaces, whereas traditional brushing cleans just 60 percent. 

“I know my patients’ challenges all too well, having been a dental hygienist for more than 25 years,” said Lisa Guenst, inventor of ToothShower. “Patients often complain that flossing is a struggle and not something they do often. Others who have tried water flossing find it too cumbersome because it makes a mess, requires constant water refills, and takes up too much space on the counter. I know there had to be an easier but more effective method of care.”

Enter ToothShower, a three-in-one brushing solution. It starts with the base that attaches to your shower wall, but the real magic lies in the three attachments that promise “optimum oral care.” There’s the dual-headed toothbrush, which is said to hit both the front and backs of your teeth simultaneously. And thanks to silicone bristles on the back of the brush head, you can also clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth, or your tongue.

Then, there’s an irrigating tip, which will actually allow you to skip your flossing step. Behaving as a water flosser (without the mess, as you’re already in the shower) this attachment is meant especially for folks with braces or retainers, and can pinpoint areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach with brushes.

Finally, there’s the irrigating gum massager, which leverages seven jets of water to “stimulate important blood flow in your gums and remove debris from between your teeth.” And because you’re doing all of this while you’re showering, you can’t even begin to suggest you don’t have the time to take care of your teeth.

You can pre-order the ToothShower from Kickstarter for $79, with an estimated delivery date of May 2018.

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