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This device detects when your pet is at the door and opens it for them


Having a dog is one of the purest joys you can have in life, but you have to realize that they are your responsibility to take care of. If you have a busy lifestyle, that can be difficult. When you don’t have time to get back home in the middle of the day to let your dog out, or when you want to let them roam, you can let Wayzn be your doggy doorman. The smartphone-controlled sliding door opener lets your dog enjoy the outdoors with more freedom.

Wayzn, the invention of two brothers, is a non-intrusive solution that you can install on basically any sliding door. Installing the device takes just minutes, according to its creators. It requires no tools and does no damage to the door. It’s a smart alternative to your standard doggy door, and far less intrusive (though you will have to keep your door unlocked). Once it’s installed, you’ll have total control over the door and can quickly and easily let your pooch in and out of the house, even if you aren’t home.

Wayzn works best when you connect it with other devices in your smart home setup. It can be linked to internet-connected cameras and other smart devices to keep an eye on your door and see when your dog would like to go out or come in. When you’re at home, you can set Wayzn to open automatically, allowing your dog free access to the yard whenever it would like it.

When you’re away, you can control Wayzn remotely via smartphone app. If you see your dog waiting to be let out, you can open it for them even if you’re miles away from home. There’s also a motion sensor built into Wayzn that can send a notification to your phone if it senses your dog lurking at the door.

Wayzn just launched on Indiegogo earlier this week and has already raised more than $100,000. Early bird backers are able to claim a Wayzn for $219 — a savings of 45 percent off the expected retail price of $399. The product is expected to ship starting in June 2019. As always, though, we advise caution when participating in a crowdfunding campaign.

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